Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario Federation of Labour

March 23, 2006 17:03 ET


2006 Sounds Just Like 1996 Says OFL Attention: Assignment Editor, Education Editor, Media Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - March 23, 2006) - "Hearing the McGuinty government's 2006 Ontario Budget made me think it was 1996 and not 2006," said OFL president Wayne Samuelson. "If you close your eyes and listen this could be a Mike Harris budget of 10 years ago.

"Tuition increases for students, labour disputes in the schools, privatization and P3 hospitals and tax breaks for corporations instead of any real help for working people and working families.

"The Liberal budget document actually admits that their energy policies have caused the loss of countless manufacturing jobs in Ontario. This is the biggest loss of manufacturing jobs since the 1990's," Samuelson said.

"This budget document has no strategy, no plan or any indication that the government intends to take any kind of an active role in dealing with the crisis of the countless loss of jobs and livelihoods here in this province," Samuelson said. "We know the government has the money. Why aren't they using it to handle this job loss crisis?"

"On a personal note I was in Kitchener-Waterloo yesterday talking to the workers at the Goodrich Tire plant slated for closing. For almost 20 years I worked at that plant, now all the jobs are gone," Samuelson said. "Those workers who just heard that their jobs were gone had one question, 'Where is Dalton McGuinty?'

"So this budget is about manipulation of finances so that next year - an election year - they can go to the voters with a balanced budget and money for new and appealing initiatives for the public.

"Almost all the announcements are re-announcements, not new money. Instead of fulfilling their promises from the last election this budget is a set up for next year's election," Samuelson said.


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