Ontario Trucking Association

Ontario Trucking Association

April 10, 2007 12:32 ET

Ontario Trucking Association: Time for Government to Act on Limiting Truck Speeds is Now

"Safety and Climate Change Benefits Too Significant to Ignore"

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 10, 2007) - The Ontario Trucking Association today welcomed comments by OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino that speeding is a serious road safety issue and that trucks should be forced to limit their speed to 105 km/hr. OTA President David Bradley responded to the Commissioners comments saying, "OTA has been lobbying the government for almost two years now to have the province enact legislation requiring all trucks operating in Ontario to have their engine speed limiters set at no more than 105 km/hr, so we're obviously very happy that the Commissioner has publicly indicated their support for a hard cap on truck speeds."

A speed limiter is a built-in microchip that allows a truck engine's top speed to be preset. All trucks built in the last decade come equipped with this technology. Once the limiter has been set the truck's engine will not allow the vehicle to exceed the speed selected. The OTA estimates that some 50% of the trucks operating in Ontario today have voluntarily set their speed limits at speeds ranging from 90-110 km/hr.

"Even though truck drivers are the least likely of all drivers to be operating at excessive speed, there are good environmental, safety and economic reasons for making the activation of speed limiters mandatory", Bradley said. "Fuel savings of as much as 50 million litres of scarce fossil fuels, a reduction of more than 150 kilotonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, less severe car-truck crashes, less tailgating and improper lane changes by trucks, and less stress on truck drivers to feel pressured to speed in order to make deliveries are all among the benefits of limiting truck speeds".

In addition to today's expression of support from the OPP the OTA proposal has already won support from a wide range of environmental and safety organizations including Pollution Probe, CAA Ontario, the Canada Safety Council, the Ontario Safety League, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, RoadWatch, Markel Insurance Company of Canada, Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada, the Transportation Health & Safety Association of Ontario, and the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Bradley went on to say that the OTA plan, "Demonstrates the industry's commitment to ensure all trucks on the highways operate at a safe speed." In addition, he characterized the proposal "as perhaps the single most significant measure any industry has put on the table to conserve fuel and help the country meet its commitments under the Kyoto Accord."

He concluded by calling on the McGuinty Government to act now to bring in legislation requiring trucks to cap their speeds. "After a year and half of debate, discussion and study the time has come for the government to act. I can't understand why they are reluctant to bring in something this positive that has so much support. The safety and environmental benefits are just too significant for this government to continue to ignore this issue and I hope that Commissioner Fantino's comments will finally spur them to action".

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