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September 01, 2010 09:00 ET

The Ontario University System Leverages VFA's Capital Planning and Asset Management Solution

Assessments and Long-Term Facility Planning Initiatives Result in Significant Funding Increases

BURNABY, BC--(Marketwire - September 1, 2010) -  VFA Canada Corporation, the leading Canadian provider of solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, today announced that the Ontario University System, comprised of 19 universities across the province, is using its Capital Planning and Asset Management Solution (CPMS™) and is undergoing a facility condition reassessment to promote a better understanding of the impact of investment decisions. With VFA's sophisticated analytic tools to assist in making optimal planning decisions, combined with the most current data on their facility assets, the universities are now prepared to make the case for long-term facility renewal and planning initiatives.

Each university in the Ontario University System, which encompasses more than 70 million square feet of facilities, had its own method for compiling data about facility condition -- and different techniques for prioritizing maintenance projects and estimating costs. The disparate data from each school made it difficult for school officials to conduct long-term capital planning across the system. As a result, the data was not considered reliable. To promote the development of long-term facility capital plans for each of the universities, as well as for the system as a whole, the Ontario Universities have used the VFA system to provide consistent and comprehensive facilities data to the Ontario university presidents and the provincial government. The VFA system also provides best practice facility management tools to the universities' facilities departments. 

Initiated in 2001, the VFA system provided objective data which was used to obtain $93 million in deferred maintenance funding by the Ontario government in 2003, an increase of $40 million over previous years, and has resulted in an average increase of $80 million annually since then. Currently, VFA is reassessing 50 million square feet of facilities, as well as providing site infrastructure assessments, starting with Carleton University. All of the assessment information related to condition and maintenance requirements is captured in VFA.facility®, VFA's Web-based software for asset management and capital planning, which serves as a central source for managing and analyzing facility information.

"Facility management and planning have become a compelling topic, attracting the attention of key funding sources, both internally at the universities and externally at the provincial government," said Darryl Boyce, P.Eng., assistant vice president, Facilities Management and Planning, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. "Before we implemented VFA's CPMS, deferred maintenance was an unknown term outside of facilities departments. Now, the University Presidents consider the problem to be a high priority and the provincial minister is talking about it and more importantly, understands the extent of the problem."

Accurate information about the condition of facilities and building systems forms the foundation for ensuring smooth operations today and planning for future needs. VFA helps clients plan the best assessment strategy for their needs, which includes a mix of different approaches for different types of facilities in higher education, as well as in the government, K-12, banking, healthcare and corporate sectors.

"Implementing VFA's Capital Planning and Asset Management Solution helped the Ontario University System make the case for substantial increases in funding for both deferred maintenance and facility renewal," said Jerry Kokos, President and CEO of VFA. "This latest round of facility condition assessments is providing additional confidence that the data used for critical decisions is both current and accurate. As a result, the universities can continue to obtain the necessary funding to maintain these vital educational institutions."

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