January 09, 2012 11:00 ET

Opa Enters 2012 With Strong Customer Adoption

Six Months After Being Launched as an Open Source Language, Opa Has Already Received Accolades From Developers Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and PARIS--(Marketwire - Jan 9, 2012) - Opa, a new generation of web development language, created by MLstate, that lets you write distributed web applications using a single technology, finished the year 2011 with increased customer adoption. Monthly binary downloads increased by 20% in December to exceed 10,000 total downloads of the Opa compiler since September. On average, Opa's customers plan to increase the size of their Opa developer teams by 80% in the first quarter of 2012.

"Writing in Opa is super quick and fun!" said Alok Menghrajani, a security engineer at Facebook. "I don't think I could have written things as quickly in any other framework." Menghrajani was a speaker at Opa's Hackathon on December 3rd in Sunnyvale, California. The Hackathon, which attracted over 80 developers, consisted of a crash course in Opa for beginners followed by a presentation of Opa's strengths by Menghrajani then participants coded and created applications using Opa.

"[Opa] has great abstractions to make an impressive start!" said Vimalkumar Jeyakumar, a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University. "Static typing [of Opa] helps catch most bugs at compile time rather than a stack trace at run time."

Opa provides a complete stack for web application development based on a new programming language integrated with its web server, database engine and distribution libraries. This unique setup and tight coupling allows concise, secure and scalable web applications. Opa permits developers to work on modern style applications with a single, coherent language that puts the complexities of developing such distributed applications on the tool's, rather than developer's shoulders.

"Today it's clear, with the ever-increasing influence of mobile devices, that online web services are a key part of the future of internet and computing," said Henri Binsztok, the Founder and CEO of MLstate, the company behind Opa. "We anticipated this shift in the development world and created Opa to make application development easier and more secure. It has been very exciting to see the adoption and usage increase since Opa was introduced as an open source programming language in June. It is great validation of all the years of research and development that went into the creation of Opa."

Customers who chose Opa technology include Plug-up and Placeloop.

"As a specialist of large-scale deployments of smartcard-based tokens, we value the security and reliability of our business applications above all," said Ludovic Wacheux, IT manager at Plug-up. "We chose the Opa technology because the features built in the language make it very easy to code secure and scalable systems. We also appreciated the possibility of quickly integrating existing Javascript libraries or adding support for external database solutions."

"Using Opa, we managed to build our startup's web-app in a remarkably short time, including an integration with social websites and support for various mobile platforms," said François Soulard, CEO at Placeloop. "As a manager, I especially enjoyed the efficiency of Opa programmers and found the simplicity of deploying Opa applications very reassuring."

About Opa
MLstate was founded in 2007 to simplify how we develop and run cloud-based applications. The result of four years of R&D is the open source Opa programming language that was released in June 2011. By being the first language that specifies all aspects of applications, Opa allows for quickly built and distributed web applications. Opa enables agile development by automatically checking code quality with state-of-the-art static analysis and considerably simplifies cloud deployment and maintenance by removing many unnecessary run-time technology layers.

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