July 11, 2011 12:47 ET

Opa Poker From MLstate, the First Virtual Poker Briefcase

Create a Server on Your Mac to Play Poker With Your Friends, Free on the Mac App Store

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2011) - Opa Poker is a Mac application that allows players to create a server on their Mac and play Texas hold 'em with anybody on their local area network (LAN). Opa Poker is one example of an application coded in Opa, a novel programming language centered on simplicity and ease of use. It is available for free on the Mac App Store.

Opa Poker's unique local gaming mode allows players to play on a LAN, giving them the opportunity to host a game on their Mac without the need of an internet connection. Web browser access is all that is required to join a game no matter what device the player is using, a Mac, PC, or smartphone. By using a web browser, the web applications become truly platform independent. The user doesn't need to worry about compatibility nor installation: it will just work.

"Web applications have a huge potential. They're multi-platform and offer unmatched ease-of-use. However, when you look at the world of web-based games they are dominated by Flash which requires a plugin and installation," said Henri Binsztok, founder and CEO of MLstate, the creators of Opa. "What we did with Opa Poker is to show that rich, interactive games can be developed more effectively and made more accessible with wide-spread open technologies (HTML, CSS)."

An additional online mode, utilizing online communications similar to Skype, allows gamers to join the online Opa Poker community. This technology demonstrates web-based peer-to-peer architecture and the possibilities inherent in Opa. In such a system of nodes, the games are hosted on the clients' side with limited need of central coordination and resources.

Opa Poker is a demonstration of the potential of Opa, a recently released platform for developing cloud-enabled web applications. New applications are continuously being developed by the Opa community:

Opa, a breakthrough in web application development and runtime, is a completely new web service stack comprising a new language, database, server and distribution framework. Opa is used by a wide range of customers, including the French Ministry of Industry, French Department of Defense, Cyrlight and Plug-Up International. Please visit for more information.

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