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March 16, 2011 08:00 ET

Opanga Networks Launches the NetRover ePublisher™ Platform to Enable Rich Media Publication to Smartphones and Tablets

NetRover ePublisher Offers Media Companies and Wireless Operators a Scalable Platform for Publishing Rich Media and Video-Based Content on Mobile Devices

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) - Opanga Networks, the leading innovator of pragmatic mobile video optimization solutions that efficiently pre-position high-quality content to mobile devices, today announced the availability of NetRover™ ePublisher, which enables media companies to work with wireless operators to "publish" video-based media content onto tablets and smartphones without degrading the wireless network performance.

NetRover ePublisher leverages Opanga's core technology that transparently delivers large file video content using only surplus network capacity. Since NetRover-enabled video applications are network friendly, they can be delivered outside of a consumer's monthly data cap and help operators generate new revenue from their 3G and 4G investment.

The introduction of NetRover ePublisher reflects the rapid evolution of the video delivery optimization market over the last several months, particularly with the explosion of tablets on the market. "Operators and media companies recognize the power of these new mobile devices as publishing platforms," said Dave Gibbons, CEO and co-founder, Opanga Networks. "But operators are clear, we have to find media distribution solutions that work with the wireless networks. Only then can the true value of these devices be unlocked. With NetRover we provide a full suite of mobile content publishing tools that literally translate directly into revenue streams."

NetRover ePublisher is an end-to-end media publishing platform that pre-positions any form of rich media, e.g. video, text, images, audio, into the mobile device memory. Pre-positioned content from subscription-based apps offers immediate and high-quality playback without freezing or buffering. Because the content is pre-positioned into device memory, the apps are always available, even when the device is offline.

As an example, wireless operators typically offer their consumers a monthly service plan that includes voice minutes, text and a data bucket (e.g. 500MB "cap" for $25). This data cap severely limits the amount of video that a consumer will view and consequently will reduce the value of video and associated advertising. With NetRover ePublisher, this base plan can be augmented to add a number of NetRover-enabled "channels" that would not count towards the consumer's monthly cap. This is only possible because of Opanga's unique network friendly distribution technology, which also offers revenue growth that complements data caps or tariffs.

"Media-rich content consumed on smartphones and tablets is the fuel for revenue growth in wireless," continued Gibbons. "However, the current path of streaming video is not sustainable as it outstrips the performance of the underlying networks both existing and planned. We are currently in early deployment phases with operators worldwide to help them address this problem."

For further information on how NetRover technology works, download the NetRover primer or view the video demonstration online.

About Opanga Networks
Opanga Networks is the leading innovator of pragmatic video optimization solutions that convert surplus network capacity in real time to efficiently pre-position high-quality content to any device. Opanga's NetRover™ solutions are based on its patented adaptive bandwidth management technologies that enable content pre-positioning for a superior playback experience without causing the network congestion or degradation typical of other video applications. NetRover enables network operators to leverage existing network assets and create highly efficient and scalable video delivery services that offer an appealing viewing option for consumers. Content owners can develop media-rich apps to extend their reach and protect their brand experience and help relieve network burden. The privately held company is headquartered in Seattle, WA with engineering teams in Redmond, WA and Monterrey, Mexico. For more information, please visit, @OpangaNet, our Pragmatic Innovator blog at or email

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