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August 22, 2016 10:08 ET

OPEN MINDS 2017 Editorial Calendar To Focus On Key Areas Influencing Health & Human Services Executives

Upcoming Newsletter Series to Focus on Dual Eligibles, Complex Consumers, Performance & Change Management, Consumer Engagement, Treatment, Children's Services, Criminal Justice, Medicaid, LTSS & Tech Tools

GETTYSBURG, PA--(Marketwired - August 22, 2016) - The OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence team recently released the upcoming editorial topics/themes for the 2017 calendar year. The 2017 OPEN MINDS Circle Monthly Management Newsletter themes will focus on key topics influencing the health and human services industry with interviews from industry thought leaders and articles highlighting the strategic information and expert guidance executives need to tackle market challenges, improve decision-making, and maximize organizational performance.

These high-value monthly newsletters and publications from the OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence team provide the strategic market and management information executives need to succeed in the sectors of the health and human service industry serving complex consumers. This coming year's schedule will include:

  • January 2017 -- The Shifting Financing Of Care For Dual Eligibles & The Impact On Service Delivery: The Dual Eligible Edition
  • February 2017 -- The Evolution Of Health & Human Service Performance Measurement: The Performance Management Edition
  • March 2017 -- Consumer Engagement & The Consumer Experience -- The New Reality In Health & Human Services: The Consumer Engagement Edition
  • April 2017 -- Medication & Medication Management In The Complex Consumer Care Continuum: The Treatment Medication Edition
  • May 2017 -- The Future of Mental Health Treatment: The Mental Health Edition
  • June 2017 -- Emerging Challenges & Opportunities In The Children's Services Market: The Children & Family Services Edition
  • July 2017 -- Getting Systems To Change -- A Guide For Health & Human Services Executives: The Leadership Best Practices Edition
  • August 2017 -- The Intersection Of Health Care & Corrections: The Criminal Justice Edition
  • September 2017 -- The Shifting Medicaid Landscape & Its Strategic Implications: The Medicaid Edition
  • October 2017 -- Technology Tools For Population Health Management of Complex Consumers: The Technology Edition
  • November 2017 -- Big Data & Meeting The Triple Aim Challenge For Complex Consumers: The Informatics Edition
  • December 2017 -- The Shifting World Of Long-Term Services & Supports: The Long-Term Care Edition

"Keeping up with all the developments, policy changes, and stakeholder information in the market can be a daunting task for health and human services executives," said Monica E. Oss, OPEN MINDS Chief Executive Officer. "Our Market Intelligence team continues to meticulously track market changes and new developments to provide these executives with all the information and expert guidance needed to combat these challenges and make informed decisions to improve their organizations."

Since 1987, The OPEN MINDS Circle Monthly Management Newsletter has been the leading source of management best practices and strategic business models for the health and human services field. This award-winning monthly publication features a dozen or more topical articles written by OPEN MINDS 75+ market analysts and management consultant advisors, along with a variety of guest authors from the field. These monthly e-newsletters are included in Premium and Elite subscriptions to The OPEN MINDS Circle. If you are unsure of your membership level, would like to become a member, or would like to learn more about The OPEN MINDS Circle, visit or contact the OPEN MINDS team at or 717-334-1329.

Along with the high-value information included in each monthly newsletter, The OPEN MINDS Circle also offers one exclusive sponsorship opportunity for each issue of The OPEN MINDS Circle Monthly Management Newsletter. For each issue, this limited sponsorship opportunity includes your organization's branding, all advertising space, the ability to include featured content from your organization, and the opportunity to print and mail the issue to members of The OPEN MINDS Circle. Raise awareness and promote your team as thoughtleaders in the industry with this exclusive sponsorship opportunity! To learn more about sponsoring an issue of The OPEN MINDS Circle Monthly Management Newsletter or to see which months are available for sponsorship, contact the OPEN MINDS team at or 717-334-1329.

OPEN MINDS is a national strategic advisory firm specializing in the sectors of the health and human service industry serving individuals with complex support needs: mental health; addiction treatment; children & family services; intellectual & developmental disabilities; chronic disease management; long term care; social services; correctional health care, reentry & diversion; and juvenile justice.

Founded in 1987 and based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 75+ associates believe by providing the latest market intelligence and management best practices to organizations serving the health and social support needs of the most vulnerable consumers, those organizations will be better able to provide efficient and effective services. Learn more at

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