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August 23, 2006 20:00 ET

Open Mobile Alliance Answers Industry Demand for Over-the-Air Updates

BEIJING--(CCNMatthews - August 23, 2006) - The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), an international specifications setting body, announces the public availability of its Firmware Update Management Object (FUMO) Version 1.0 as a Candidate Enabler Release. FUMO allows mobile operators to update mobile devices across network infrastructure without requiring consumers or network engineers to initiate upgrades through direct contact. This over-the-air capability for new or existing products and services allows for initiation, download and verification from a centralized location for all relevant mobile devices on a given network.

"Driven by the need for an interoperable update solution for the billions of mobile devices in the market, OMA has released FUMO as a Candidate Enabler Release that will ultimately meet consumer demand for increased quality and capability in the handsets they already use," says Jari Alvinen, Chairman of the Board, OMA. "As FUMO moves into the OMA's interoperability testing program and subsequently becomes an Approved Enabler Release, the potential global impact is highly significant across the mobile value chain. Ever widening consumer demand for rich mobile content and services necessitates mobile devices that support increasingly sophisticated technologies. The need to administer and manage these devices makes FUMO a required capability for operators around the globe."

FUMO enables mobile operators, service providers, infrastructure manufacturers, device manufacturers, and software vendors to develop and deploy interoperable firmware update solutions. Set to commence testing at OMA TestFest-16 in Dusseldorf, Germany during early September, FUMO Version 1.0 is another OMA specification ready for implementation.

OMA's Board of Directors recently accepted the new FUMO Candidate Enabler Releases (CER) along with Web Services (OWSER) Version 1.1 and Web Services Network Identity (OWSER NI) Version 1.0 as Approved Enabler Releases (AER).

OMA FUMO 1.0 CER Features

-- Client server interface to manage package delivery for any firmware
(firmware update processes and definitions separate from OMA Enabler)
-- Support for client and server initiated updates
-- Support for device information exchange prior to download initiation
-- Support for an OMA Device Management based download mechanism or
alternative mechanism such as OMA Download Version 1.0
-- Support for permanent or dynamic nodes for updates
-- Support for simultaneous download and update and for deferred updates

Please visit for detailed technical specifications on the standard.

About OMA Web Services 1.1 AER

OMA Web Services (OWSER) 1.1 defines how OMA applications can be exposed, discovered and consumed using Web Services technologies. Describing access, authentication and authorization parameters, OMA Web Services 1.1 allows developers to guarantee data integrity and confidentiality and secure the transfer of information. Further, OMA Web Services 1.1 allows users to discover registered sources and service descriptions.

About OMA Web Services Network Identity 1.0 AER

OMA Web Services Network Identify (OWSER NI) 1.0 provides the protocols and services to enable OMA services and applications to have a federated identity in a Liberty-enabled Web services environment.

About the OMA Release Program

To date, OMA has published 47 Enabler Releases. The OMA continuously operates an interoperability program to validate Enabler specifications, as well as the implementations of member products and services. Using a clear working process, the Enabler Release Program is designed to deliver two key milestones for each enabler:

-- A Candidate Enabler Release (CER) delivers an approved set of open
technical specifications that can be implemented in products and solutions,
and then tested for interoperability.

-- An Approved Enabler Release (AER) represents Candidate Enabler
Releases that have gone through the Interoperability Program (IOP) of OMA.
The IOP tests interoperability between different member company's
implementations -- either within the OMA or through other means.

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About the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) delivers open specifications for creating interoperable services that work across countries, operators, fixed and mobile terminals. Driven by users' needs and the expanding market for data services, the member companies of the Open Mobile Alliance stimulate the adoption of new and enhanced information, communication and entertainment services. The Open Mobile Alliance includes contributors from all key elements of the wireless value chain, and contributes to the timely and efficient introduction of services and applications.

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