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November 07, 2016 07:00 ET

OPEN-O Bridges the Gap Between SDN and NFV with Release 1.0

Open source orchestration platform delivered its initial release on time, less than six months from the formation of the project in The Linux Foundation

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwired - November 07, 2016) - The OPEN-O Project, which is focused on enabling end-to-end service orchestration across network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN), and legacy networks, today announced OPEN-O Release 1.0 at the MEF16 event underway this week in Baltimore.

OPEN-O Release 1.0, called "SUN," ushers in a new era of open orchestration, bridging the gap between virtualized functions and connectivity services for brownfield environments for both residential and enterprise virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE) use cases.

"OPEN-O Release 1.0 was successfully delivered in only five months since the initial formation of the project," stated OPEN-O Executive Director Marc Cohn. "The global collaboration among leading operators and vendors has resulted in one of the fastest growing open source networking projects, with contributions from over 125 developers."

OPEN-O Technical Steering Committee Chair Chris Donley of Huawei noted, "OPEN-O is focused on delivering Any Service over Any Network by concentrating on real-world operator use cases. Our first release consists of over two million lines of code realizing a virtual CPE use case. This release gave us a chance to build our development and testing infrastructure and processes with a distributed development team spread around the world. It provides a strong foundation for continued development well into the future."

OPEN-O membership now stands at 13. Premier members include three major operators: China Mobile, China Telecom, and Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), along with Ericsson, GigaSpaces, Huawei, Intel, and ZTE. General members include Canonical, Cloudbase Solutions, InfoBlox, Raisecom, and Red Hat.

OPEN-O also announced that Xiaodong Duan, Director of the Department of Network Technology for China Mobile Research Institute, was elected the Chair of the OPEN-O Governing Board, joining Treasurer Amir Levy of GigaSpaces.

Xiaodong Duan commented: "It is my honor to serve the Chairman of the Governing Board in OPEN-O community. I would like to contribute all my experience to lead our community to achieve more accomplishments."

He continued: "Orchestrator is the key enabler for NFV/SDN network transformation. OPEN-O as an open source community is committed to build an open architecture and solution to enable end-to-end composite services across legacy networks and SDN / NFV infrastructure. As its first release, OPEN-O SUN release, which delivers the basic functionalities for service orchestration and operational automation for the targeted use cases, is a remarkable milestone."

Member Quotes on OPEN-O Release 1.0

Madam Yang, Deputy, China Mobile Research Institute

"It is well accepted that SDN and NFV are the foundation of the next generation network. And China Mobile recognizes that orchestrator will be the core engine to enable such transformation and fulfill the ultimate promise of service agility and operational automation based on these new network capabilities. As the founding member of OPEN-O, China Mobile is very happy to see its SUN release delivered on time. And we will continue our contribution to the community in driving its prosperity and promote its adaptation internally in our labs and trial network."

Ms. Shaonai Shen, Deputy General Manager, Technology Department, China Telecom

"OPEN-O is very productive to finish the release one in such a short time and provides a very attractive use case. Since China Telecom has announced CTNet2025 plan, we hope this unified open source Orchestration will play an important role in our network transformation process."

Martin Bäckström, VP and head of Technology, Industry Area Datacom, Ericsson

"Ericsson promotes and contributes to several open source projects that bring value to the overall success of the telecom industry and create new value chains and business opportunities by leveraging NFV and SDN transformation. OPEN Orchestration along with OPNFV, ODL brings industry alignment in the areas of Ericsson 5G and Networked Society vision."

Amir Levy, Director of Solution Architecture, GigaSpaces

"Telecoms and other operators of large networks need a framework to bridge the gap between legacy and cloud-native networking architectures. Community members in the OPEN-O project are working to build that framework, and the open source model means we can move faster and reduce risk for everyone involved."

Kenneth Wong, Head of Business Processes Unit, HKT (Hong Kong Telecom)

"HKT is a quadruple-play operator for fixed, mobile, broadband and video services, has undergone various phases of digital transformation. Our aim is to provide the best end-to-end customer experience supported with on-demand network resources management through open cloud technology running on an agile and cost-effective infrastructure."

"HKT fully supports OPEN-O as a strategic development initiative in accelerating the transformation processes and to enhance the end-to-end customer journey."

Hou Yuzhou, Vice President of Huawei's Global Technical Service

"User demand for the real time, on demand, all online, DIY, social (ROADS) experience drives carrier operations to go digital. Open source and rapid standards development are essential for this transformation, while orchestration is key to service agility."

"The industry-leading OPEN-O Project provides a unified E2E SDN/NFV Service Orchestration platform to automate intelligent services. To help carriers transform their operations, Huawei has chosen a Top-Down approach: defining business use cases in the Open ROADS Community, developing a platform within the OPEN-O community, and introducing Cloud Open Labs for E2E system integration."

Yuan Yue, Director of SDN/NFV Open Source Strategy, ZTE

"ZTE is pleased to see our code contributions and architecture be realized in OPEN-O Release 1.0, in just six months after the initial launch. ZTE believes that OPEN-O will successfully transform Telco operations and management in the era of SDN and NFV. ZTE is committed to strong support for OPEN-O, and already working on Release 2.0 planning with the community."

About the OPEN-O Project

OPEN-O, an open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation, enables leading telecommunications, cable, and cloud operators end-to-end service orchestration over network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure, along with software-defined networks (SDN) and legacy networks. Several of the world's largest operators are participating in OPEN-O, joining many open networking innovators.

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