SOURCE: OpenAmplify


August 11, 2009 07:00 ET

OpenAmplify Releases 'TopicIntentions' Feature to Predict Consumer Intent on the Social Web

Semantic Web Platform Enhances Online Ad Targeting by Identifying User Intentions Based on Text; Hires New York VP of Sales

ANNAPOLIS, MD--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - OpenAmplify (, the Semantic Web platform, today introduced TopicIntentions, a feature that can be used by Web advertisers to identify the intentions of people on the Social Web. Advertisers and ad networks can now enhance marketing campaigns on user-generated content by capturing, in a scalable way, the various actions users are considering.

TopicIntentions, seen in action here:, analyzes social media text to identify consumer intentions and to assess whether or not these decisions can be influenced. TopicIntentions can identify:

--  The most significant types of actions related to the topic -- for
    example, the subject of a Web page may be about the car brand Ford, but
    current keyword-based targeting methods cannot distinguish if the content
    is about buying, selling, servicing, or cleaning a Ford car.
    TopicIntentions identifies the specific action connected with each topic.
--  Whether the topic is the subject or object of that action -- for
    example, ad targeting algorithms cannot correctly identify the differences
    between the sentences 'have you seen Ford's new finance rates?' and 'how
    can I finance my new Ford?' TopicIntentions finds the subject of Social Web
    conversations then connects the subject with the appropriate
    related action.
--  Whether advice is being sought or offered, and the likelihood that the
    user will take action -- for example, TopicIntentions can distinguish the
    critical difference between statements and conversations that offer
    guidance versus the ones that seek advice. Unlike simple text targeting
    methods, it understands the difference between 'should I buy a Ford?' and
    'you should definitely consider a Ford.'

"Social media has created environments in which users can express how they feel, what they are thinking and planning. TopicIntentions was created to gather and analyze this data, so that marketers can cost effectively identify users and indeed audiences who have expressed a specific intention to do something," said Mark Redgrave, CEO of OpenAmplify. "By identifying relevant commercial intentions in a rapid and highly scalable way, we are enabling marketers and publishers to deliver the right ads at the most appropriate moment to influence the user's action."

New York Presence

To further support its push into online advertising and social media targeting, OpenAmplify has hired Glen Kushner as VP of Sales and Business Development, expanding OpenAmplify's New York presence. Kushner was previously the VP of Business Development at Treemo Labs, where he was responsible for taking his company's platform usage from under 20,000 users to over 1.5 m users. Glen will lead U.S. sales efforts of the OpenAmplify platform.

Along with TopicIntentions, the newly launched Version 1.1. of the OpenAmplify platform delivers significant improvement on speed of processing text, where response times will be the same over a broad range of text length -- from a 140-character tweet to a text heavy web page. The release also benefits from enhanced spidering functionality for content scraping of web pages and new output formats which now also include RDF, a growing specification for the Semantic Web.

About OpenAmplify

OpenAmplify ( is a web service that brings human understanding to content. Created by technology company Hapax, OpenAmplify uses patented Natural Language Processing technology, mimicking the human process of language understanding to identify the significant topics, brands, people, perspectives, emotions, intentions, actions and timescales contained in online text. The Web service returns the meaning in English-language content in usable and actionable data structures including XML and RDF, thereby enabling other solutions providers to create value, profit and grow.