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November 16, 2010 09:00 ET

OpenAmplify Unveils Content Management Toolkit to Improve Accuracy of Online Advertising and Social CRM

Ampliverse Platform Improves Monetization of Content by Helping Companies in Media and Social CRM Manage Taxonomies and Tailor Content Classification

ANNAPOLIS, MD and LONDON--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) -   OpenAmplify (, the Meaning Platform, today announced Ampliverse, a unique solution that significantly enhances online advertising and social CRM, at the Semantic Web Summit in Boston. Any company that creates, analyzes and monetizes digital content can use Ampliverse to manage their own, needs-specific taxonomies to classify web content according to their unique requirements.

OpenAmplify has been the leading web service for determining the linguistically significant topics of web content, the attitudes towards them, the intentions and actions related to them, the degree to which advice is being sought or offered, and many other "signals." The addition of Ampliverse's customized classification to OpenAmplify's sentiment and intentions analysis enables web content to be monetized far more effectively.

"Customized classification is one part of our complete solution for content monetization. To monetize content effectively, companies need to classify it and understand it," said Mike Petit, co-founder and CIO of OpenAmplify. "Knowing that something is about 'cars,' for example, is useful. However, is it about buying one, or selling one? Classification without the understanding is not an adequate solution. Ampliverse is a significant advance for content monetization, as it allows companies to create their own view of the universe and also gain a full understanding of the content, all through an easy workflow with OpenAmplify."

Businesses use taxonomies to classify and manage content in a manner unique to their requirements. However, many solutions vendors provide off-the-shelf, generic taxonomies designed to satisfy minimum needs of all customers. This is a problem if one company does not share the same classification needs as another company. Ampliverse permits each customer to define the universe in the terms most effective and useful to that customer. A demo of Ampliverse can be found at

Ampliverse is a breakthrough for many verticals, among them:

  • Web publishers: social media destinations or general web sites will have the ability to classify and understand user-generated content, lifting the value of their ad inventory. Brands are wary of advertising next to content which may be negative towards their brand or brand values; therefore, unclassified and inadequately understood ad inventory is sold at remnant rates. Ampliverse and OpenAmplify permits publishers and advertisers to identify brand-safe inventory that is targeted, and of higher value.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): CRM and community moderation will benefit through caseload management techniques, making it far easier to identify which conversations require intervention and permitting more cost effective routing and handling of caseload. Additionally, analysis of conversations will surface insights of real value: Who likes what, who is asking for advice, or leading opinion, and who intends to take action, and how soon, and about what?

As part of this announcement, OpenAmplify has partnered with Earley & Associates, a world leader in taxonomy development, to deliver solutions that integrate the power of OpenAmplify and Ampliverse rapidly and cost effectively. With its knowledge of taxonomy building, of the unique features of Ampliverse, and of the OpenAmplify Meaning Platform, Earley & Associates can holistically address the needs of the client.

Companies and semantic web practitioners can try Ampliverse and the full OpenAmplify platform by picking up a free API key at All API users may use the platform for free 1,000 times a day.

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OpenAmplify ( is a semantic web service that brings human understanding to content. OpenAmplify uses patented Natural Language Processing technology, mimicking the human process of language understanding to identify the significant topics, brands, people, perspectives, emotions, intentions, actions and timescales contained in online text. The Web service returns the meaning in English-language content in usable and actionable data structures including XML and RDF, thereby enabling other solutions providers to create value, profit and grow.

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