October 15, 2009 13:09 ET

OpenEAI Software Foundation Announces Institutional Membership Program to Support OpenEAI Project

Program Designed to Increase Organizational Participation and Advance Open Source Integration Methods and Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2009) - The OpenEAI Software Foundation, a non-profit corporation organized to develop and promote open source enterprise application integration, today announced a new OpenEAI Institutional Membership Program designed to provide an effective method for organizations interested in open source enterprise integration applications to sponsor the OpenEAI Project. Institutional membership helps support the OpenEAI Project as a self-sustaining organization of peers and provides a means for institutional members to vote on its board of directors, participate in its steering committee, and contribute to diverse technical projects.

"OpenEAI provides an open source and standards-based approach for integrating applications and services," said Richard Mendola, PhD, vice president of information technology and CIO at Emory University. "In these times of tight budgets and ever increasing business needs, OpenEAI is an ideal choice. The small fees we are paying for an institutional membership will allow OpenEAI to sustain itself as an organization, and will pay dividends to Emory in myriad ways, as our IT organization expands its use of the tools and methodologies in the OpenEAI framework."

"AcademyOne has joined OpenEAI because our vision is to help develop community based integration methodologies and technologies that will reduce the burden and complexity spanning enterprise systems and proprietary technologies," said David Moldoff, founder and CEO, AcademyOne. "All too often, system collaborations are stalled due to the lack of integration and interoperability with existing tools. And, integration costs have skyrocketed -- accounting for nearly 50% of IT spent across higher education institutions. My hope is that OpenEAI and the open source, community shared approach, will help us stem the tide, allowing the industry to deliver more agile and relevant systems because data and processes can be better connected to the people who need them."

"We were looking for an EAI/ESB tool for a number of years that could integrate the hospital's diverse collection of systems, platforms, and healthcare equipment," said Mr. Chin Koon Siang, general manager of Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd, an IT consulting firm headquartered in Malaysia and new OpenEAI institutional member. "Developing countries in Southeast Asia have a large number of hospitals and cannot afford proprietary industry solutions, so we try to use open source software whenever possible. We became very interested in OpenEAI after learning it is being used at Emory."

Institutions which support the OpenEAI Project and use the OpenEAI methods and technology are institutional members. Typically, institutional members are organizations that make use of one or more of OpenEAI's open source products. The current members are:

-- AcademyOne, Inc.

-- Emory University & Emory Healthcare

-- N2 Services, Inc.

-- InVivo Ventures, LLC

-- Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd

Annual fees for institutional members are based on a sliding scale that is tied to the institution's annual operating budget. Current fees are as follows:

-- $1,000/year for organizations with operating budgets under $100 million
-- $3,000/year for organizations with operating budgets $100 million to
   $750 million
-- $5,000/year for organizations with operating budgets above $750 million

About the OpenEAI Project

The OpenEAI Project is an open source project dedicated to discovering and documenting the controlling dynamics, principles, and practices of enterprise application integration, and to present, implement, and promote those findings to its members and community through the open source licensing of its software. The Project is comprised of six distinct, but closely-related departments, which address OpenEAI methodology, application foundation APIs, message Object API, message definitions, reference implementations, and deployment and administration that together comprise the core services of the OpenEAI ESB. The development, availability, and evolution of open source Enterprise Application Integration software is important to IT managers at enterprise corporations within all industries. More information about the OpenEAI Project software, documentation, and licensing information is available at: To contact OpenEAI, email:

About the OpenEAI Software Foundation

Founded as a membership-based, non-profit corporation in October 2002, the OpenEAI Software Foundation's mission is to build and sustain the OpenEAI Project by providing organizational, legal, and financial support for the OpenEAI Project and closely-related endeavors. The foundation was created with the assistance of the University of Illinois and Open Integration Incorporated.

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