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May 19, 2008 09:00 ET

Openet Debuts First Advanced Advertising Solution for Cable Industry With Audience Measurement

Suite Brings Real-Time Transactional Intelligence to Cable Operators, Redefining Ad Strategies and Driving Revenue

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Openet, the leading provider of Transactional Intelligence solutions for the world's largest and most innovative service providers, today announced the first phase of its suite of Advanced Advertising solutions for cable operators, IPTV and mobile service providers. Openet's Audience Measurement solution enables the correlation of real-time subscriber activity such as television viewing behavior and broadband mobile service usage with demographic and psychographic profiling information. This correlation delivers subscriber profile information of unprecedented depth and accuracy, enabling cable operators to proactively mine data and build profiles that can drive revenue generating decisions.

The proliferation of digital media services and the migration of subscribers to the digital tier presents cable operators with a unique opportunity to more effectively measure subscriber content choices online and on TV. By leveraging Openet's FusionWorks™ software platform to parse, enrich and anonymize subscriber data in real time, both MSOs and their advertisers can make intelligent marketing decisions based on rich subscriber profiling and segmentation previously unavailable in siloed or disparate sources.

"Cable operators have a relatively untapped gold mine that can be leveraged to transform the television advertising industry, increase operators' advertising revenue, and improve the customer experience," said Mike Manzo, Openet's chief marketing officer. "The combination of accurate and real-time data on service viewing and usage, with customer and segment profiling information, enables television advertising to become as addressable and measurable as Internet advertising and direct marketing. With Openet's Audience Measurement solution, cable operators can now provide marketers and advertisers the timely visibility and actionable information to capture and retain customer attention and further drive ad revenue."

Television operators have faced an increasingly difficult challenge over the past decade as users migrate from stationary TV viewership patterns to a fragmented media world dominated by cable, Internet and mobile phone viewing. Accurately segmenting and targeting these new digital viewers has been both an opportunity and an obstacle. Although the device-level viewer offers marketers the potential of a one-to-one relationship with the consumer, rudimentary data collection and correlation techniques have thus far prohibited advertisers from segmenting an audience on a single platform, let alone multiple platforms. Openet's Audience Measurement solution gives cable operators the tools to mine user data from both the network core and the edge, accurately delivering in real-time the actionable information necessary for true addressable advertising.

Yankee Group forecasts this market shift in a 2007 report "Insight on Service Provider Innovation -- a global study of services, business models and marketing evolution." According to the report: "No longer will there be a single medium for what we now think of as television advertising. Service providers will create a multi-screen approach, utilizing the versatility of ad-insertion technology to help strengthen brand presence for advertisers across television, the internet and mobile communications."

Based on the FusionWorks™ Product Suite, Openet's Audience Measurement solution leverages the power of the Company's high performance billing, mediation and reporting offerings that currently deliver best-in-class transactional information to more than 330 million subscribers and 75 service providers worldwide. With Audience Measurement, cable providers will benefit from first-mover advantage to become a catalyst through which advertisers finally realize the promise once believed to exist only in online advertising -- efficient, effective and profitable message execution.

Openet will announce additional market-specific offerings and capabilities for its Advanced Advertising solution suite in the coming months. For the most up-to-date information, please visit to see the latest developments.

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