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January 26, 2016 08:00 ET

OpenHouse Powers Agent Recommendations for NerdWallet

NerdWallet's 3 Million+ Monthly Users Can Now Connect to Qualified Real Estate Agents for Their Home Sale or Purchase

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2016) - OpenHouse today announced it is powering real estate agent recommendations for NerdWallet, helping its users better research and find the most qualified real estate agent for their home purchase or sale. Using OpenHouse's patented, data-driven recommendation service, known as Agent Ace, NerdWallet's 30-million-plus users can easily connect to a real estate agent that can represent them.

OpenHouse unlocks industry data on agent performance to determine which agent would be the most qualified to help a consumer purchase or sell a home, based on criteria including location, price and home type. The recommendation is always objective and unbiased, making it superior to traditional word-of-mouth recommendations or agent advertisements. Benefits are twofold: It is free for consumers and a source of high-quality clients for agents. NerdWallet's tools, research and expert advice around all of life's financial decisions empower consumers to take control of their choices. Whether consumers are first-time homebuyers or simply looking for mortgage advice, NerdWallet helps Americans calculate how much they should spend on a home, determine what kind of home loan is best for them, and find the most competitive mortgage rate.

In turn, OpenHouse is integrating NerdWallet's Home Affordability Calculator and unbiased financial advice around home buying into its sites and app. OpenHouse customers will be able to calculate how much money they can spend on a home by entering key financial data such as annual household income, total debt, expenses and desired savings. With NerdWallet's tool, users can identify a realistic target home price that takes their other financial obligations and goals into consideration.

"Buying or selling a home is easily one of the largest -- and most stressful -- financial transactions Americans make in their life. OpenHouse eases the process by taking complex data that has traditionally been difficult to access and using it to make informed real estate agent recommendations. Our mission is echoed by NerdWallet, and we're thrilled to bring our service onto their site," said Jason Nierman, head of business development at OpenHouse.

"Navigating the real estate landscape can be a nightmare without the right information. At NerdWallet, we're here to guide consumers through this process," said Chris Ling, mortgage manager at NerdWallet. "From finding the right mortgage loan to helping consumers determine how much they spend on a house to finding a broker, we want to equip consumers with the best options. We're excited to partner with OpenHouse -- now, our users can find a great real estate agent without ever leaving our site, and OpenHouse's users have new tools to help them in their home buying journey."

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OpenHouse helps buyers and sellers make smarter decisions about the biggest transaction in their lives by answering the most important question: "What could my life be like in this home?" The right house is more than a ZIP code, a price tag, a floor plan: It's you. Powered by data, OpenHouse is a better way to find your dream home, and a smarter way to connect with the agent that can make it yours. Founded in 2010 as Agent Ace, OpenHouse is headquartered in sunny Santa Monica, California. To find the life you want to live, visit

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