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April 29, 2009 07:10 ET

OpenLogic Launches Comprehensive Open Source Governance Platform With Latest Version of OLEX Enterprise Edition

BROOMFIELD, CO--(Marketwire - April 29, 2009) - OpenLogic, Inc., a provider of enterprise open source software solutions encompassing hundreds of open source packages, today announced it has extended the functionality of OpenLogic Enterprise Edition (OLEX), a comprehensive open source software governance platform that integrates open source provisioning, open source policy enforcement, online approval processes, and full tracking and audit trail of open source usage.

Used by many Fortune 500 companies and medium sized businesses, OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) Enterprise Edition is the industry's first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for comprehensive sourcing and governance of open source software. OLEX Enterprise Edition delivers access to the OpenLogic Certified Library as part of a comprehensive open source software governance platform. The OpenLogic Library encompasses 130,000 open source packages, including more than 500 enterprise-ready open source packages that are certified, supported and indemnified by OpenLogic.

"OLEX Enterprise Edition now provides a cradle-to-grave open source management and governance solution from download to deployment to distribution," said Kim Weins, senior vice president of products and marketing of OpenLogic. "As more enterprises increase the use of open source software due to economic conditions -- prudent enterprises are demanding cradle to grave open source governance."

The newest version of OLEX Enterprise Edition extends the management and control of open source software by adding new functionality including:

--  Identifying open source alternatives to proprietary software to save
    money: Companies can use OpenLogic's free open source scanning tool, OSS
    Discovery, to uncover usage of proprietary software like Websphere,
    Weblogic and Oracle, and then use OLEX EE to identify lower cost open
    source alternatives.
--  Tracking intended use of open source at time of download to prevent
    legal issues before they occur: OLEX EE now lets companies require users to
    declare their planned usage of open source at the time of download. This
    enables the corporation to track the intended use of open source software
    and prevent legal issues before they occur.
--  Customizing approval processes to meet enterprise needs: OLEX EE now
    provides completely customized processes for approving the use of open
    source software. Companies can define multi-step processes with customized
    forms and automated notifications and alerts.
--  Expanded audit tool with fingerprints for more than 130,000 open
    source packages: This new release of OLEX EE includes an expanded version
    of OpenLogic's free scanning tool, OSS Discovery. OSS Discovery can detect
    open source software without requiring access to source code.

Enterprise Open Source Governance and Provisioning

Built over the past few years with input from dozens of leading Fortune 500 and mid-sized businesses, OLEX Enterprise Edition is the industry's most comprehensive governance and provision open source solution offering:

 -- Policy Management Workspace -- Allows administrators to control open
    source usage across the enterprise by specifying policies for each
    open source license and open source package. Technical and legal
    staff can see a company's policy for each open source package as
    they browse the OpenLogic Certified Library in OLEX Enterprise
    Edition, enabling them to select packages that meet their open
    source policy as well as their technical needs.
 -- API Access to the Certified Library -- Allows for RESTful or
    SOAP-based programmatic access to the Certified Library, enabling the
    creation of mash-ups and custom user interfaces.
 -- The OpenLogic Maven Repository -- Provides access to certified open
    source components using the Maven build tool.
 -- Request Approval Work Flow -- Provides an easy-to-use, web-based
    approval process that streamlines requests to use open source software
    in internal projects. It automates the approval workflow and enables
    enterprises to control the required levels of review, including
    business, legal, and technical. The Approval Manager includes email
    notifications to ensure that all of those involved in the process can
    stay abreast of status and progress.
 -- Role-Based Access -- Allows enterprises to customize OLEX Enterprise
    Edition to the way their business functions. Access to management and
    administration features is restricted by role, and roles define the
    business, legal, and technical personnel that are required to approve
    open source usage requests.
 -- OpenLogic Technical Support Portal -- Provides package-specific
    details on the technical support Service Level Agreements that have
    been purchased from OpenLogic. The Technical Support Portal also
    allows OLEX Enterprise Edition users to open new support tickets
    without picking up a telephone. Both developer support and production
    support coverage are available for the hundreds of open source
    packages in the OpenLogic Certified Library.
 -- OpenUpdate Notifications -- Delivers email alerts on security patches
    and new releases for the open source packages in the Certified
 -- Activity Reports -- Creates transparency around the open source
    software used in the enterprise by providing tracking information on
    downloads from OLEX Enterprise Edition. These detailed reports help
    administrators monitor download activity and trends in open source
    usage across the enterprise. Reports track a variety of information on
    downloads, including:
    -- Package names and versions
    -- Who downloaded
    -- When downloads were initiated
    -- The license(s) related to the package
    -- Downloads from the Maven repository

About OpenLogic

OpenLogic is a leading provider of open source solutions that enable enterprises to safely acquire, support, and control open source software. OpenLogic provides enterprises with a certified library of open source software that encompasses hundreds of the most popular open source packages via OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX), a free web site where companies can find, research, and download certified, enterprise-ready open source packages on demand. With the broadest open source coverage in the industry, OpenLogic offers indemnification; updates; and enterprise-grade technical support backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community. OpenLogic also provides solutions for open source governance and to automate the integration and deployment of open source components -- reducing the risk and maximizing the cost savings associated with using open source software. For more on OpenLogic, go to

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