April 15, 2015 09:30 ET

O.penVAPE Announces O.penVAPE RESERVE™ -- Its Highly Concentrated, 100% Cannabis Oil Offering

Select Medical and Recreational Dispensaries Will Sell O.penVAPE RESERVE™ by 4/20/15

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2015) - O.penVAPE, the nation's largest national cannabis brand and the leader in cannabis oil vaporizing technology, announces its newest product in Colorado and several other states in which it is licensed. Consumers in these states will get the first chance to experience the new and limited release of O.penVAPE RESERVE™, its premium, high-potency oil. This one of a kind oil is a blend of pure cannabis oil and all-natural cannabis-derived terpenes; formulated with a proprietary refining process.

Much like the original O.penVAPE cartridges, this product has undergone rigorous testing to perfect the new, all-natural formula. O.penVAPE will release 20,000 units of O.penVAPE RESERVE™ to various recreational and medical dispensaries throughout Colorado and others states in which O.penVAPE products are licensed. O.penVAPE RESERVE™ is strain-specific cannabis oil, processed by supercritical CO2 extraction. Ralph Morgan, CEO of O.penVAPE, said consumers choosing to vaporize O.penVAPE RESERVE™ can expect a more refined taste and stronger effect from this premium offering.

"O.penVAPE RESERVE™ is the answer to cannabis enthusiasts' demand for a highly concentrated, 100 percent cannabis oil, vaporizing experience," Morgan said.

O.penVAPE is renowned for its products' reliable quality, ease of use, discreet nature and the lifetime guarantee on its vaporizing pens. O.penVAPE RESERVE™ 100 percent cannabis oil 420 mg. cartridges used with O.penVAPE pens deliver a 4 mg. dosage, when the "Perfect 8 Second Puff" is taken. O.penVAPE RESERVE™ strains are derived from only the highest quality, top-shelf raw materials; meaning the natural essences of the cannabis oil is preserved, including the terpenes and flavonoids.

"O.penVAPE RESERVE™ is true to our company mantra "It's What's Inside That Counts," Morgan said. "All O.penVAPE products are infused with only the highest quality OrganaLabs oil -- meaning you are getting a pure, balanced and consistent product every time."

Consumers who visit can learn more about the O.penVAPE RESERVE™ product and where to find it. O.penVAPE RESERVE™ will continue to be produced throughout the year and will be available in more states as production increases.

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