April 19, 2016 13:30 ET

O.penVAPE Sets the Future for Pure Cannabis Oil Extraction With Craft RESERVE

Chemists Ignite Cannabis Art and Science With Pure Strain Flower Oil and a Smart Battery

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - April 19, 2016) -  Inspired by Colorado's refreshing attitude toward legalized marijuana and the proliferation of the artisan spirit, O.penVAPE presents Craft RESERVE™, a top-shelf quality pure cannabis oil made from fine, flavorful and potent cannabis flower. Craft RESERVE is processed without solvents or additives and is now available in small quantities at selected dispensaries throughout Colorado, California and Arizona.

O.penVAPE's chemists begin the artisan process by working with local growers to hand select high quality cannabis flower. They handle small batches of flower -- not trim -- using the Organa Labs' proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction process, which is safe, clean and environmentally friendly. The result is a naturally clear concentrate, more potent, more pure cannabis oil. Craft RESERVE delivers each strain's experiential characteristics including taste, strength and the desired effect. The strain-specific, small-batch Craft RESERVE is packaged in superior quality glass cartridges.

Ralph Morgan, O.penVAPE CEO, predicts that Craft RESERVE is the future of cannabis extraction because of the absence of additives or transfer agents required to make cannabis oil, making it perfect for vaporizing or infusing.

"Pure cannabis oil requires investment in superior technology, equipment and professional hands-on attention throughout the molecular distillation process," Morgan said. "With Craft RESERVE, our highly educated and accomplished scientists perfected the art of extracting the best parts out of every terpene to satisfy the demand of a rapidly maturing and selective market."

Five cannabis entrepreneurs joined forces in 2012 to bring intelligently crafted cannabis oil, in a safe form, to medical patients. Now, in just four years, collective research and development has fueled O.penVAPE's reputation as the national leader in safe cannabis oil extraction. Because of this position, O.penVAPE has been able to hire the best talent, which includes people like Tom King.

Tom King, PhD., joined O.penVAPE to lead a team of five chemists to oversee product research development and production in nine states and Jamaica. With a doctorate in molecular and cellular biology, King puts his research at Harvard University and pharmaceutical corporation experience to perfecting cannabis oil for O.penVAPE.

"Cannabis provides fascinating opportunities for therapeutics research and development in a fast-growing industry with a wide window to make an impact in human health," King said.

In tandem with the Craft RESERVE, O.penVAPE has released the new O.penVAPE 2.0, a variable voltage battery. Consumers can set the battery to complement the oil according to their specific taste.

O.penVAPE makes Craft RESERVE available only when raw cannabis flower is sourced, selected and approved by O.penVAPE's specially trained scientists and artesian extractors.

About O.penVAPE

With products in over 1,100 dispensaries nationwide and in Jamaica, O.penVAPE has established itself as the leader within the cannabis industry. O.penVAPE appreciates a mutually beneficial relationship with its network of affiliates who are licensed to sell O.penVAPE cannabis oil-filled cartridges, vaporizer devices and other related products. Licensees in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Connecticut employ O.penVAPE's Organa Labs technology to manufacture cannabis oil through supercritical CO2 extraction. Now, medical marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts have broader access to a pure, safer and more consistent product. O.penVAPE's leaders ardently support cannabis legalization in order to provide better, alternative medicine. Please visit

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