Department of National Defence

Department of National Defence

August 07, 2011 10:36 ET

Operation MOBILE's Task Force Libeccio Change of Command

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 7, 2011) - Brigadier-General Derek Joyce assumed command of Task Force Libeccio today during a ceremony held at Allied Joint Force Command, Naples, Italy. The task force, which assumes a new, more streamlined structure, will continue Canadian Forces' activities in support of Operation MOBILE.

Concurrent with the assumption of command Task Force Naples personnel and functions were incorporated into the new structure of Task Force Libeccio. Task Force Naples was responsible for coordinating the participation of all Canadian Task Forces within Operation MOBILE.

"The task I was given was extremely rewarding in that Task Force Naples worked very hard at providing support and sustainment to the air component of Operation MOBILE, and to Task Force CHARLOTTETOWN, patrolling the waters off the coast of Libya," said Colonel Paul Ormsby, Commander of Task Force Naples. "The team here demonstrated its professionalism, excellence and teamwork everyday and this is why it was so successful. As the Task Force Naples team prepares to join Task Force Libeccio in a single, unified Task Force, I know their record of excellence will continue uninterrupted. I wish all the members of Task Force Libeccio a successful mission and I also congratulate Brigadier-General Joyce on his new command," he added.

"Canadian Forces personnel in support of Operation MOBILE are doing a tremendous job every day and I am proud of their efforts," said Lieutenant-General Marc Lessard, Commander Canadian Expeditionary Force Command. "They deployed on short notice and quickly established themselves to take on tasks to reduce violence against Libyan citizens and to diminish Gadhafi's military regime's capacity to threaten its own people," he added.

"The short notice deployment of most CF personnel on Operation MOBILE is a testament to the professionalism and 'can do' attitude of our personnel and their leadership has done much to form a cohesive task force that our coalition partners can depend on now and into the future," said Brigadier-General Joyce, in-coming Commander of Task Force Libeccio. "I look forward to commanding and leading the task force and continuing the Canadian Forces' fine work," he added.

Operation MOBILE is the Canadian Forces' participation in Operation UNIFED PROTECTOR, the NATO-led effort to impose on Libya the arms embargo and no-fly zone authorized by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 (2011).

Canadian Forces aircraft are currently flying from two bases in Italy, located in Trapani-Birgi and Sigonella, on the island of Sicily. Air operations are directed from a third location, the NATO Combined Air Operations Centre, located in Poggio Renatico, Italy. Task Force Libeccio is now located in Naples.

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