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July 16, 2013 12:00 ET

Operator of jobdreaming and Unrabble Evaluating Offers to Acquire Assets

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - KMC Software, Inc., the operator of jobdreaming™ ( and Unrabble™ (, is actively evaluating offers to acquire its assets. jobdreaming is an innovative web-based service that matches active and passive candidates with recruiters and employers. Using jobdreaming, job seekers describe the job they are looking for in a single fill-in-the-blank sentence, and are then matched with job openings created by recruiters and employers. Unrabble is a SaaS application that simplifies and improves hiring for growing businesses by automating and optimizing time consuming aspects of the hiring process. Unrabble replaces fluff-filled résumés with objective profiles and measurable criteria, allowing for better hiring decisions by saving time through the automation of core hiring tasks; ranking candidates based on the skills the employer decides are most valuable; and improving collaboration by making it easy to include colleagues in the process.

As more employers move away from resumes as the key tool in the hiring process, traditional candidate sourcing tools have been slow to adapt. jobdreaming is the first resume-free candidate sourcing tool in the market, designed to eliminate flaws in job board-based sourcing, and make finding the right opportunity more efficient for both candidates and employers. For employers, social networks have proven an immensely valuable tool, giving them access to a list of highly qualified individuals. However, these networks alone do not indicate an individual's willingness, desire or goals in a new position, making social-network based hiring extremely time consuming for employers and recruiters. jobdreaming fills the void between job boards and social networks, giving employers and recruiters access to individuals who meet their basic qualifications, and job seekers the ability to passively and anonymously explore the job market. jobdreaming is uniquely positioned to attract the elusive passive candidates because the app doesn't require candidates to give their name or post a resume.

While most business processes have been revolutionized by web applications, employers are still stuck with digging through inboxes filled with résumés and canned form letters. Small or mid-sized businesses that can't afford or require dedicated HR staff are faced with a lack of time, an ad-hoc process and frequent distractions, making good hiring decisions difficult. Unrabble isn't regimented HR software or another take on the job board. It's an entirely new approach to hiring.

"After launching in September 2012, jobdreaming quickly grew its candidate pool and employer job postings," said Kevin Watson, CEO of KMC Software. "Unfortunately we were unable to raise the funds necessary to keep the marketing effort going for both products.

"We have received inquiries about the acquisition of one or both of our products, and we are now going to actively evaluate those opportunities. We strongly believe in the opportunity jobdreaming and Unrabble bring to candidates and employers, and will do everything we can to make sure those products get the best chance possible to succeed."

About KMC Software, Inc.

KMC Software, Inc. is the operator of jobdreaming™ and Unrabble™, both SaaS applications that, for the first time, match job seekers with jobs based on desire and qualifications, not resumes and job descriptions. Learn more about jobdreaming at, on Twitter at, on Facebook at; and Unrabble at

jobdreaming and Unrabble are trademarks of KMC Software, Inc.

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