April 21, 2006 23:59 ET

OPMEDIC GROUP Inc. Announces the Launch of New Laboratory Services

MONTREAL, April 21 - Not for dissemination in the United States.

(TSX:"OMG"), a healthcare-related services company providing facilities and
services to patients and surgeons, is pleased to announce the launch of new
laboratory services in biochemistry, cytology and molecular biology. These new
services are now offered by the PROCREA Clinics division in Montreal and
Québec City to patients and physicians who want to obtain a diagnostic for
diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, Jewish Panel, Cervical Cancer and
Human Papillomavirus.

According to the OPMEDIC Group Management Team's opinion, the launch of
these new laboratory services could double the current laboratory revenues.

"In addition to allow the OPMEDIC Group to continue its growth, the new
laboratory services of the PROCREA Clinics division are an answer to our
current patients demand and represent a real opportunity of market
development. Expected revenues for the PROCREA Clinics laboratory revenues
should be 2 million dollars for 2007, compared to 1 million dollars in 2006"
said Dr. Pierre St-Michel, President and CEO of OPMEDIC Group.

To come with the launch of these new laboratory services, the
www.procrea.com web site is now updated with a new laboratory section which
will be developped during the next few weeks.


OPMEDIC GROUP is a company incorporated under the laws of the Province of
Quebec which provides healthcare-related services including surgical
facilities and services to patients and surgeons (with its OPMEDIC division),
fertility treatments, medical imaging, laboratory services and diagnostic
procedures (with its PROCREA Cliniques division) and sperm banking services
(with its PROCREA Cryopreservation Centre subsidiary). OPMEDIC GROUP's Common
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