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March 09, 2007 10:05 ET

An Opportunity for Penny Stock Investors: Tensleep Describes Business for 2006 and Discusses Plans for 2007

AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 9, 2007 -- Tensleep Corporation's (PINKSHEETS: TENS) ("Tensleep") management believes that Tensleep provides penny stock investors with an opportunity for short-term and long-term growth. Today Tensleep announced the reformation and reorganization of the Company into a unique emerging international consumer and specialty products company. Unique in its business concept and methodology.

"Tensleep's common stock is coming off a low for the year after falling from a high of $1.50 per share," said Ronald S. Tucker, CEO of the company.

"The company in 2006 has established a foundation for future growth. Growth in earnings from the sale of consumer and specialty products and in its traditional business of providing financial and management services to emerging growth companies," Mr. Tucker. "This foundation is the result of management concentrating on reforming and reorganizing the company into a consumer and specialty products business."

Tensleep, during 2006, developed and is continuing to develop:

1. A unique consumer and specialty products company.

a. Unique in that (1) the company's product lines will include products designed and developed by its subsidiary, Tensleep Technologies, Inc., and those developed by emerging growth companies through licensing or acquisition; (2) the company's products will be acquired by Tensleep Wireless, which in turn will sell and distribute the products through strategic partners of the company; and (3) the acquisition and sale of the products will be financed by Tensleep Financial.

b. Unique in its investor profile. Unique in its concept of earnings.

c. Unique in its business concepts and methodology.

2. A mission to provide consumers with high quality products at affordable prices, and to provide its shareholders with opportunities for capital growth in the value of its own shares and the growth in the value of its subsidiaries' and affiliates' shares.

3. A penny stock investor interested in short-term and long-term profits. A conservative gambler. An investor wanting an investment with some degree of fundamentals, yet willing and capable of taking the risks of a micro cap company because of the anticipated rewards.

4. Earnings that come from the sale of products; the financing of product acquisition, inventory, and the sales; the sale of subsidiary and affiliate securities; fees received from financial and management services.

5. A business concept based on the proposition that many emerging growth companies lack the capital to (1) develop a sufficiently broad product line to sustain growth beyond a certain undefined point; (2) employ a staff capable of sustaining growth beyond an undefined point; and (3) establish a distribution system. They also lack sufficient funding for the acquisition of product and the time lag for collecting their sales revenues. Based on this concept, Tensleep organized the Tensleep Group which will grow its business more quickly by aiding and supporting emerging growth companies by providing enhanced product design and development through Tensleep Technologies, Inc., distribution through Tensleep Wireless, financing through Tensleep Financial, and management and financial services through Tensleep Capital Group.

Tensleep, in addition to developing a unique emerging consumer and specialty products business, accomplished the following:

1. Distributed a stock dividend to its shareholders in Tensleep Wireless common stock.

2. Tensleep Wireless has applied for and management hopes to qualify Tensleep Wireless for trading its common stock on the OTC (Pink Sheets).

3. Spun-off Tensleep Financial to its shareholders, and management of that company hopes to apply for and qualify its common stock for trading on the OTC (Pink Sheets).

4. Commenced negotiations with European and U.S. companies to license or acquire the rights to distribute their consumer products in Europe and the U.S.

5. Obtained informal agreements with European and U.S. distribution companies for the distribution of the company's products and the financing of the acquisition of products other than the company's by the distribution companies, their inventories, and their sales.

6. Redirected the company's product design and development company, Tensleep Technologies, to design and develop consumer products based on the component products it has designed and developed.

Tensleep's plan for 2007 is to consolidate its reorganized business by:

1. Design and develop consumer products to add to our product lines.

2. Formalize agreements for consumer products for sale through our distribution networks in Europe and the U.S.

3. Formalize distribution networks in U.S. and Europe.

4. Raise capital through a private offering to fund subsidiaries and to finance product purchases or fabrication, inventories and sales by the company and its strategic partners.

5. Continue to acquire licenses or Intellectual Property (IP) for consumer electronic products.

Tensleep Corporation in the past was a business and corporate development company specializing in the capital and financial restructuring and reorganization of public and private companies enabling them to secure financing. For more information on Tensleep Corporation visit

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