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February 09, 2009 12:22 ET


Big & Small is the latest project to come out of the world leading Grogs puppet workshop

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Assignment Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE--(Marketwire - Feb. 9, 2009) - Big & Small, a new pre-school series that celebrates diversity through the delightful differences of two best friends, is set to launch on Treehouse on Monday, February 23 at 11:45 a.m. ET.

Produced in Toronto, the series first launched in October 2008 on the BBC's pre-school channel CBeebies and follows the adventures of two best friends, Big and Small, that couldn't be more different. One is big and the other is small, and each 11 minute episode revolves around their contrasting approach to life. The philosophy of Big & Small centres upon celebrating difference in a world too often divided by differing viewpoints, and encourages children to accept each other, think beyond themselves and be thoughtful and considerate of others.

"The show is becoming a big hit here in the UK and we are very excited about its Canadian launch. Big & Small offers kids and parents the wonderful experience of laughing together whilst they share stories that convey a positive message about understanding difference." says Anne Brogan, Director of UK based Kindle Entertainment.

Big & Small is the latest children's television project to come out of the world leading, Toronto-based, Grogs puppet workshop. With comparisons to the Jim Henson Group, the Grogs' television portfolio includes children's properties for Disney, Nickelodeon and YTV. The Grogs (spear-headed by Jamie Shannon, Jason Hopley & their talented creative team) were commissioned to design and create the Big & Small puppets and set environments; and bring the characters to life.

The adorable friendship between the title characters encourages acceptance and understanding, and each episode features fun-filled adventures with catchy music. 'Big', performed by renowned Canadian puppeteer Todd Doldersum, is big and hugely huggable. He is gentle, kind, careful, considerate, thoughtful and fair. He can be a little dreamy, occasionally indecisive and annoyingly tidy. He's easily distracted which sometimes drives 'Small' crazy! 'Small', performed by Jason Hopley, is fast, loud, exuberant, dramatic and very, very thoughtless. For 'Small' the world is a never-ending adventure. You've got to be strong and resilient if you're small, not to mention loud and persistent! Jamie Shannon performs the characters of 'Twiba' and 'Ruby'.

"I think the themes in Big & Small will resonate particularly well with Canadian audiences as diversity is part of our national identity," says Jack Lenz of 3 J's Productions. "Big & Small celebrates how difference makes life richer, funnier and more complete."

Big & Small is a Kindle Entertainment/3J's Entertainment production for BBC, produced in association with Treehouse and Studio 100.

This UK-Canada co-production will air Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:45 a.m. beginning Monday, February 23. Other times include: Fridays at 6:25 p.m., Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. and Sundays at 8 a.m.

All times are ET.

About 3's Productions:
In 1998, Toronto-based partners Jack Lenz of Lenz Entertainment and Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon of Grogs Inc, created 3 J's Productions. Their television production portfolio includes award-winning children's properties for Nickelodeon, Disney's Playhouse, PBS and YTV.

About Kindle Entertainment:
Established in 2006, UK based Kindle Entertainment is inspired by creativity, imagination and a passion for storytelling. Kindle aims to create "stories that light up your life". With credits including "Girls in Love" and the "Illustrated Mum", Kindle has an unparalleled track record in creating family entertainment that is both critically and commercially successful.

About Treehouse:
As Canada's leading kid's broadcaster, Corus Entertainment's YTV, Treehouse and Discovery Kids Canada collectively have the highest 2-11 audience of any broadcaster, and reach 91 per cent of kids each week in English Canada. Treehouse, seen in over seven million homes across Canada, focuses on the interests and developmental levels of preschool children.

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