August 13, 2008 08:15 ET

Oprah 'Picks' the Personal Pocket Safe

'O, The Oprah Magazine' Gets Serious About Security by Naming the Pocket Safe to the 'O List' This Fall

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - August 13, 2008) - CHDT Corp. (OTCBB: CHDO), a holding company actively managing subsidiaries focused on designing and manufacturing consumer products for the North American retail markets announced today that the first product in division Black Box Innovations' tâke line, Personal Pocket Safe™, has been selected to the O List in the September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Personal Pocket Safe™ is a USB compatible smart drive, containing software designed to easily store and sort all of the important documents in a consumer's daily life such as financial statements, credit card information, insurance policies, passwords and many others. The Pocket Safe is completely portable, so it can be used on any PC, with no installation or configuration needed.

"We are excited about providing a new method for efficient and secure organization of vital personal information and records, and have created the Pocket Safe as an answer to this need for all computer users, regardless of skill level," said John Tate, President of Black Box Innovations. "We are hoping the Pocket Safe's inclusion in the O List will let women of all ages know there is an easy, well thought out solution that will allow them to gain control of the mounds of information loaded on today's families."

From a purely technology standpoint, Personal Pocket Safe was designed with multiple layers of security. The first of these is the patent pending PIN pad located on outer-casing of the tâke device which allows a personalized code (up to 10 digits) and locks out intruders after three missed password entries. Data is then stored using military grade encryption, and placed within an epoxy-coated chip which is physically destroyed before it can be manually removed.

"In a time when household records are rapidly transitioning to a digital format, computer disk crashes are frequent, and identity theft is running rampant, we have made a commitment towards combining all the power of modern technology into an easily-accessible, user-friendly tool," said Tate.

About Black Box Innovations

Black Box Innovations, a division of Capstone Industries, based in Florida, is focused on bringing innovative technology to consumer products. The initial product line under the Black Box Innovations banner is tâke™, which provides organization of personal data, while providing both mobility and security. The PIN protection is based on licensed technology from ClevX, LLC. For more information, visit

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