Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)

Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)

March 12, 2008 10:02 ET

OPSEU Endorses Earth Hour

Union pledges one-hour shutdown March 29

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 12, 2008) - The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has joined a growing list of organizations worldwide to endorse "Earth Hour."

As part of the union's commitment to run a greener organization, OPSEU will turn off all the lights within the union's control in its 20 Ontario offices for one hour at 8:00 p.m., March 29, 2008. OPSEU already turns off all non-essential lighting.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said the union wants to do its part and reduce its environmental footprint. "We encourage our members, staff, employers, suppliers, communities and other networks to do the same.

"Earth Hour 2008 will give OPSEU and its members a chance to make a difference and to show we care about our planet."

The Earth Hour concept began in Sydney, Australia, where, on March 31 last year, two million households and businesses turned their lights off for one hour. This resulted in the reduction of 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide (equivalent to getting 48, 613 cars off the road for one hour). This year, the project has been adopted worldwide, with 17 major cities including Toronto, and many organizations and individuals committing to the shutdown.

OPSEU represents 130,000 members, roughly five per cent of the population of Sydney, Australia. "If Sydney could accomplish this much, how much could OPSEU members accomplish if the lights were turned off for an hour in each OPSEU household across Ontario?" asked Thomas.

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