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May 26, 2015 09:00 ET

Opsmatic Helps Drive DevOps in Real Time

A New Approach to Support the Move to Automation, Containers and Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO,CA--(Marketwired - May 26, 2015) - Opsmatic Inc., a company with a focus on creating tools to improve the effectiveness of development and operations teams, debuts today with the launch of the first real-time data platform and live-state monitoring service built specifically to support the needs of fast-moving DevOps teams. It is the only solution that provides a precise, real-time picture of the detailed configuration and changes that affect an enterprise's computing infrastructure, and has proven itself over the past 9 months in the production environments of notable high-growth companies including Slack, and Quantifind.

Agile teams that are embracing a DevOps philosophy are deploying more code faster than ever before. This pace, combined with migration to the cloud and the advent of software-defined datacenters and disruptive technologies like Docker, provides DevOps teams with an increasing set of solutions to build and manage their environments effectively. However, these innovations increase the complexity of operating environments and traditional monitoring tools don't provide the real-time visibility that's required to quickly troubleshoot problems and reduce downtime. It's time for new solutions that support the working style and cadence of modern DevOps teams.

The founders of Opsmatic met in the early days of the DevOps movement at Flickr, where a culture of cooperation between Dev and Ops made deploying 10+ times a day the norm. After bringing those practices to other teams, but frustrated by the overall lack of available tooling, they founded Opsmatic in early 2013 to radically improve the efficiency and speed of DevOps teams. The company is backed by leading investors in the cloud technology space: AME Cloud Ventures (Jerry Yang), Freestyle Ventures, Illuminate Ventures and Index Ventures.

"We talked with over 100 companies, and it was immediately clear that analyzing logs or interpreting numerical graphs wasn't an effective approach to tracking configuration change in real-time," said Jim Stoneham, CEO of Opsmatic. "We have built a data platform from the ground up with a total focus on tracking the state of hosts in real-time at scale. With our API, we make it easy to add data from other applications and operations management tools to provide deeper insight and instant answers to DevOps teams."

Opsmatic's service is based on this purpose-built platform, the only solution that provides highly accurate, real-time visibility of an enterprise's computing infrastructure, intelligently alerting operations teams to infrastructure changes before they become problems. Opsmatic features include:

Real-time insight
The Opsmatic service monitors the state of every host in real-time, providing a current and accurate picture of the configuration, as well as an instantaneous feed of any changes being made to that host. Any variation, or "drift" in configuration across host groups is also immediately visible to enable teams to fix issues before they cause trouble, saving hours of detective work and remediation.

Infrastructure search and Assertions
Live-state inventory data can be instantly searched to find vulnerable packages, every version of an open-source package that is deployed, or what hosts are running a specific service. Specific policies ("Assertions") can be easily defined and run against any of the live-state data to enforce dependencies, verify configuration, or instantly identify potential issues.

Configuration management monitoring
Deep integrations with popular Configuration Management tools from Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, as well as Docker, enable tracking and reporting of successful and failed automation runs, file integrity monitoring, and detailed visibility of the key host attributes set by each run. In addition, Opsmatic reaches beyond the policies used with the CM tool to track the entire host and report on changes made outside automation runs.

Intelligent alerts
Using Assertions and saved searches, Opsmatic gives teams a real solution to control alert noise, enabling them to focus on the changes or conditions that really matter. Any alert can be scoped by host or host group, and can be fed into specific chat channels (Slack, HipChat), or emailed to the right person on team to investigate the issue.

Open platform for easy integration
Opsmatic is a purpose-built, intelligent platform which enables customers to easily integrate events from other services for greater context (PagerDuty, Nagios, Zabbix), add their own custom event data (deployment events, backups, etc.), and extend the live state data to include custom data from their own services to provide deeper, more complete insight. Saved search results and alerts can also be posted to Slack, HipChat, and DataDog to better support team collaboration and communication.

Robust Software-as-a-Service
Delivered as a cloud-based service, Opsmatic works with any cloud-based infrastructure, datacenter, or hybrid environment across a range of OS platforms. The service is hosted in a hardened data center with SAS 70 Type II and SSAE 16 certifications and 24x7 monitoring.

The Opsmatic service is sold as a monthly subscription, with billing based on usage - $5 per host, per month, based on the peak number of hosts being monitored each month. The company offers an unlimited-use, 30-day free trial that is available at No credit card is required for the free trial. General inquiries should be directed to

About Opsmatic Inc.
Opsmatic provides real-time visibility of any change in the live state of computing infrastructure and intelligently alerts users before trouble begins. The SaaS service is built on an underlying data platform with a robust API, and is integrated with popular monitoring and code automation tools to give customers complete context and provide the shared visibility required by modern DevOps teams.

Founded in 2013, the Opsmatic team comprises experienced development and operations professionals who were involved at the beginning of the DevOps movement at major web-scale companies. The company is backed by leading investors in the cloud technology space, including AME Cloud Ventures (Jerry Yang), Freestyle Ventures, Illuminate Ventures and Index Ventures. For more info, please visit or follow @Opsmatic on Twitter.

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