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June 19, 2009 13:54 ET

OptiCon (OPCN) Responds to Investors' Concerns Regarding Stock Price

Company in Multiple Negotiations With Several Major Customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa

ST. PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwire - June 19, 2009) - OptiCon Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: OPCN), a leading global provider of communications and telecommunications software for Wireline, Wireless and fiber optics, announced today that it has received many shareholder concerns regarding the falling share price over the past two weeks.

"As with most public companies, OptiCon has no control in how trades ensue or how markets are made for the company's securities. We see no reasons for this volatility and stock price decline. We are a fully reporting company and all of our agreements, contracts and accounts are fully available to all investors at SEC. Transparency is key at our Company; to build confidence and sustainability with our present and future shareholders. But to bring more clarification to this issue, we offer the following document:

"In 2000, James Madison University published a paper 'Emergent Volatility in Asset Markets with Heterogeneous Agents.' The paper hypothesizes that a public market is made out of two types of traders. One is fundamentalists who are able to determine the long term fundamental value of the asset being traded. Another is non-fundamentalists or noise traders or trend traders (day traders) who base their buying and selling behavior on the relationship between a moving average of past prices and the current price. The paper suggests that trend chasers (day traders) can destabilize markets with speculative frenzies in either direction. With the idea that speculation must be ultimately stabilizing because speculators must lose money and will go out of business hence bring stability back into the marketplace. We believe this to be the case in scenario for OptiCon Systems.

"Also, significantly, we believe our fundamentals are sound based on previous contract announcements (of $24M) and the continued interest for our products and services globally," stated Mr. Sam Talari, acting CEO of OptiCon.

In addition, the company also stated the following:

OptiCon Systems is in the process of multiple negotiations with major customers around the world and USA. We believe these accounts will push us much further as we have anticipated toward executing our business plan and our revenue projections. We will announce these agreements when available.

About OptiCon Systems

OptiCon Systems, Inc., provides Wireline, Wireless and fiber optics network management solutions offering proprietary state-of-the-art software, professional services and integrated systems. OptiCon Systems have been in use by companies seeking the best solution in managing their networks for the past 10 years. The company's software solutions automate all aspects of the physical and logical layer management, fault detection and delivery of information. The scalability of the software systems permits the Company to target large communications and telecom companies servicing millions of global customers to medium-sized companies managing a single facility. Besides OptiCon Network Manager (ONMS), the company will soon offer PowerCon Energy Systems (PES), which is designed to manage large power networks and facilities for power and alternative energy companies globally. The PES/ONMS isolates (power/fiber) cable cuts, breaks, and faults, and service degradation and other power and optical events to within plus or minus five feet of the event, and produces a global positioning system location for the outage to an approximate five foot section of cable.

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