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August 23, 2012 12:39 ET

Optimize Your Education With College Pro

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2012) - As the end of summer quickly approaches, students all over the country are preparing to head back to universities and colleges for the fall semester. Some have spent the last few months working part-time jobs, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. But a select few students are heading back to class armed with an experience and new-found life-skills that no classroom can teach.

Employers have ranked relevant work experience as one of the most valuable assets that students entering the work force can have. True, many college students will have internships in their field during the course of their formal education, but many of these programs include tedious activities like faxing and organizing, hardly skills that would impress a would-be employer. College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning offer unique summer programs for mostly highly motivated college and university students and recent graduates to own and operate their own local painting or window cleaning franchise. College Pro participants are trained in every aspect of their business and are responsible for generating leads, hiring a staff, marketing, customer service and accounting... essential skills that are applicable in almost any industry or position.

College Pro Painters is the premier student-run painting business in the United States and Canada. Every year, franchise managers who have been carefully chosen by College Pro are professionally trained in all aspects of small business management to successfully own and operate their own seasonal student-run painting company. College Pro Painters has over 40 years of experience in recruiting, training, and sculpting the hardest working students in North America. Rachel Mancinelli, College Pro Painters Alumni, expands on this program:

"There are so many things that are 'taught' in school, but you never actually learn them until you experience them. That's what I feel this was for me, an intense four years of college all crammed into one summer. The organizational, customer service, marketing and management skills that I have gained could never have been taught to me in a classroom. The sales experience I acquired this summer is going to be unbelievably valuable when looking for jobs next year. Although all of these hard skills I gained this summer are going to help me hugely in the future, I think the most valuable experience I gained is personal growth and knowledge about myself."

The rewards of attending college or university and obtaining a degree are extremely important to the future success of all students, but classroom lessons are only one side to the multi-faceted experience that is college or university. Gaining any type of skill or knowledge during time at school will help prepare students for life after college. Working any job during school gives students a leg up on their competition after school, but working with College Pro Painters during school opens the door for endless possibilities after graduation. Jordan Smith, another proud College Pro Alumnus shares his feelings:

"There are many students on college campuses studying business; but College Pro allowed me to practice it. During my first year as a Franchise Manager I learned more about business than I did during four years of college."

Student entrepreneurs who have worked with College Pro have given many reasons for why they initially chose the College Pro franchise opportunity. The reasons range from earning money for school, to gaining valuable experience that couldn't be found anywhere else. No matter what their reason was for starting the College Pro franchise opportunity, they all left College Pro knowing that they would be able to conquer anything that life puts in their path. They were all ready for the real world after school because these student entrepreneurs knew exactly what it takes to compete in life after school. 

About College Pro Painters:
College Pro Painters, the premier student run exterior painting company in the United States and Canada, has been providing students and non-students alike with jobs inside the company as well as outside since they opened over 40 years ago. College Pro offers part time work while giving you the opportunity to develop skills that will prepare you for success in the long run.

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