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September 29, 2010 08:30 ET

Option Media Group Addresses the Growing Problem of Distracted Driving: Two New Videos Showcase the Company's DriveSafe Software™ Anti-Texting While Driving Solution

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - September 29, 2010) -  Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: OPMG), a growing force in mobile applications, marketing and mobile social media, today announced the Company has released two new videos that demonstrate the strong features and superior functionality of the Company's DriveSafe Software™ anti-texting-while-driving solution. The videos include a live demonstration of the DriveSafe Software™ in action, as a user's smartphone automatically senses when to inhibit emailing, surfing the web or texting while the vehicle is in motion, versus when to remain active while the vehicle is stationary. The way it works is that above certain predetermined speeds, the DriveSafe Software will lock the device's keyboard and prevent potentially dangerous usage while the vehicle is moving. The videos also highlight the ease with which the Company's DriveSafe Software™ for anti-texting-while-driving is conveniently downloaded and installed on the user's cell or smartphone. 

The videos can be viewed at for a live demo of the DriveSafe Software™ and at to view the software installation process.

Finding a robust, effective solution to the problem of distracted driving is important. According to new U.S. government research, distracted driving fatalities caused by cell phone use and texting have soared. Auto deaths involving cell phones and texting while driving, a phenomenon increasingly known as "distracted driving," rose a significant 28% in just three years, from 4,572 in 2005 to 5,870 in 2008.

Recently, in September 2010, Options Media Group announced the introduction of its new DriveSafe Software™ solution, a next-generation, state-of-the-art mobile phone control management software suite designed to prevent texting while driving. In addition to preventing texting while driving, the Company's software also enables parents and employers to monitor the driving habits of mobile phone users in order to prevent speeding, among other things. 

"Texting and the use of cell phones while driving has had a significant adverse impact on public safety," commented Scott Frohman, CEO of Options Media Group. He continued, "Sadly, this negative trend will continue to grow unless something resolute is done to solve this very prevalent problem. Our mission is to effectively address this issue with our DriveSafe Software™ solution, a next-generation software suite with the most robust set of features and advanced functions available today." DriveSafe Software™ will be available October 1st

Relative to other products on the market today, DriveSafe Software™ contains an advanced set of features including: Time Out Control that enables parents or employers to preselect times at which a mobile phone under their control can be used for texting or Internet browsing; a Speed Control feature whereby maximum mile per hour thresholds can be set that, when exceeded, send out an alerting text message with the actual rate of speed and geographic location of the vehicle; a Parental Override feature that enables parents or employers to override the software and allow text and Internet browsing only when the user is in their presence; and a Request Permission function that allows the user to request permission from the administrator to use the keyboard for a set period of time. This last feature is useful when the user is known to be a passenger in the vehicle, and not the driver.

Texting while driving is a growing problem nationwide. Lead researcher Fernando Wilson, an assistant professor in the School of Public Health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, observed that the increase in distracted driving seems to be driven largely by an increase in the use of cell phones to text while behind the wheel. He commented, "Overall use of cell phones has been pretty steady, but texting volumes have increased dramatically in the last few years." He also advised, however, that "Solving the problem is complex," given it will require both effective industry technologies that can inhibit cell phone use while driving coupled with more effective law enforcement of outright cell phone bans. 

In fact, distracted driving and the increasingly deadly toll it is taking on America's roads was the focus of a recent government summit in September 2010 in Washington, D.C., where officials called for tougher laws to counter this dangerous but growing trend. They also reported that distracted driving crashes again claimed the lives of more than 5,000 people killed last year. One sobering analogy points out that the more than 5,000 traffic deaths each year from cell phone use is equivalent to a major airliner going down every week in this country. In this example, many industry observers believe that if that were actually happening, the government would likely "ground all flights until they figured out what the problem was and they solved it," thereby taking action immediately and bypassing the lengthy debate process some feel is currently taking place around cell phone use and texting while driving. 

Because of this growing danger, numerous states have already enacted laws to ban texting while driving, and more are expected to do so going forward.

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