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September 15, 2016 11:19 ET

Opus 2 Implements First 'Arbitration Room of the Future' on US Soil

Opus 2's Magnum Platform and Integrated Hearing Room Services Enable Unprecedented Efficiency and Collaboration in a Sophisticated Hearing Room

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2016) -  Opus 2 International, a worldwide litigation services and software development company, has announced the successful completion of the first fully integrated and technologically advanced hearing room built for electronic paperless trials with a shared-party infrastructure to support an international arbitration on US soil. This multi-day hearing was unprecedented in the US because both parties shared the comprehensive services, including state-of-the-art technical configurations, evidence presentation and digital bundle software, and the integrated Spanish, English and French interpretation service that was arranged in case needed by the multi-national participants and witnesses. It is uncommon in the US to have both parties share services such as was provided in this set-up. Due to its overwhelming success, this groundbreaking first is poised to revolutionize how arbitration and litigation proceedings are conducted in the US.

The high profile and confidential case involved two mega global firms, with case teams spanning multiple branches, including US, UK and European offices. Opus 2 services were able to unite all participants onsite and those attending from remote locations. Challenges such as time zone differences, international locations of witnesses and foreign language translations could be overcome with the integration of Opus 2's flagship Magnum software and the sophisticated equipment installed in the "pop-up" high-tech hearing room in Miami. The technical backbone streamlined proceedings, allowing all parties to focus on the legal matter at hand. In addition, both legal teams were able to cost-share the set-up, which resulted in more efficiency and reduced spending. A second high-tech global arbitration serviced by Opus 2 and sitting in New York City has since confirmed, indicating momentum for this level of service in the US.

"We are pleased to have expanded our reach to the US with our revolutionary and sophisticated model of a fully integrated arbitration room," said Graham Smith-Bernal, founder and CEO, Opus 2. "Though this state-of-the-art technology is used for nearly all major litigation in the UK and international arbitration worldwide, I am pleased that we can now support arbitrations being heard in the US with the same advantages. Our goal is to build momentum for the Opus 2 hearing room of the future not only in the US, but in jurisdictions around the world."

Utilizing its robust infrastructure, properly placed state-of-the-art equipment and 21st century Magnum software, the Opus 2 team of experts were able to seamlessly maximize the efficiency of the proceedings and achieve an overall positive experience. Magnum's integration with the high-tech hearing room is quickly gaining popularity and becoming the No. 1 choice in legal proceedings throughout the US and overseas.

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