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Ora, Inc.

August 09, 2011 10:06 ET

Ora Expands Its Next Generation Controlled Environment -- the Allergen BioCube

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2011) - Ora, Inc., the world's leading independent ophthalmic research firm, announced today that it is expanding its newest clinical model, the Allergen BioCube (ABC) System, and building a new facility in response to increased demand for allergic rhinitis programs.

Ora's decades of global leadership in ocular allergy research and drug development has led to the study of the physiological connection between the eye and the nose, and the importance of this relationship to both ocular and nasal allergy products. Ora has expanded its internal research efforts to include the development of Ora's nasal allergen challenge model, as well as the new Allergen BioCube System, which can be used for evaluating drugs administered via both ocular and nasal routes.

"Ora has been built upon over 30 years of the highest quality standards and scientific rigor. We have used these same high standards to develop the Allergen BioCube System to reproduce the signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis in clinical trial subjects," stated Stuart B. Abelson, President and CEO of Ora.

According to Abelson, "Over the last three years, our R&D team has conducted several pilot studies and validation programs to create a highly controlled environment that minimizes variability in study endpoints. As we expand our ABC System capabilities, we welcome companies with new chemical entities, reformulations, and line extensions to work with us on preferred terms. The modular design of the Allergen BioCube will allow us to implement future expansion plans to multiple locations to meet industry needs, while maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance."

"There is a large unmet need for chamber-based models that take a scientific look at allergic rhinitis. Industry needs a system like the ABC to differentiate the mechanisms of action of allergy drugs -- whether it's a steroid, an anti-histamine, a novel compound or even an immunotherapy," stated Dr. William Berger. Earlier this year, Dr. William Berger joined Ora's Allergic Rhinitis team from University of California, Irvine. One of the nation's most well-respected allergists and a Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Dr. Berger brings over 30 years of clinician-focused experience to Ora.

For more information about the Allergen BioCube (ABC), please contact Shreelekha Mandal at (978) 685-8900, ext. 9415 or by email at Visit Ora's Allergen BioCube website at

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