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November 04, 2013 08:00 ET

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Delivers Advanced Self-Service Automation for Oracle Database 12c Multitenant

Broadens Support for Managing Full Lifecycle of New Pluggable Database as a Service

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 4, 2013) - Oracle (NYSE: ORCL)

News Summary
Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers organizations accelerated deployment, elastic capacity, greater consolidation efficiency, higher availability and lower overall operational cost and complexity. Oracle Database 12c provides an innovative multitenant architecture featuring pluggable databases that makes it easy to offer DBaaS and consolidate databases on clouds. To support customers' move to this model, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c adds new automation capabilities to enable quick provisioning of database clouds through self-service, saving administrators time and effort. These new capabilities can help customers adopt Oracle Database 12c faster and pave the way to a DBaaS delivery model.

News Facts

  • Oracle today announced a new release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which provides a turnkey, full lifecycle DBaaS management solution for Oracle Multitenant, an option for Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition.
  • With this release, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c supports the broadest choices for DBaaS delivery, including full database, instance clone, schema and pluggable DBaaS -- enabling administrators to offer richer choices to their users while saving time and effort in service provisioning. 
  • When combining these new capabilities with existing management capabilities for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, customers can rapidly deploy scalable DBaaS environments capable of powering more services, with extreme performance and availability.
  • Additionally, new optimizations to Oracle Real Application Testing enable quick and simplified verification of routine database administrator operations directly on mission critical production private clouds. This improves service quality, administrator productivity and helps lower operational costs.

Accelerating Database as a Service Provisioning Helps Customers Achieve Greater Agility and Realize More Cost Savings

  • Consolidating on Oracle Database 12c's multitenant architecture entails planning, migration, and testing of new and existing applications as customers move to DBaaS. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c facilitates this consolidation, with its unique automation capabilities, ranging from planning, setup, test, self-service capabilities, metering and chargeback, monitoring, managing, and optimizations for Oracle Database 12c's multitenant option. 
  • The latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c release helps minimize the risk while improving agility and time-to-market for deploying pluggable DBaaS solutions. Featuring:
    • Easy migration from previous databases to the latest release of Oracle Database 12c, in an automated manner.
    • Self-service capabilities, including provisioning, monitoring, backup, restore and retirement of pluggable database services for hosting or certifying applications on Oracle Database 12c, allowing users to request and access databases on-demand.
    • DBaaS rapid start kit, to automate the rapid creation of a fully-functional database cloud, comprised of database pools, zones, service templates and the self-service users. The kit includes a complete solution for setting up Oracle Exadata as an out-of-the-box DBaaS platform and allows administrators to integrate their DBaaS setup with scripts and third-party solutions.
    • Chargeback or showback reporting, enables metering and accountability for usage of pluggable database services. Additionally reporting on workload distribution across pluggable databases, for cost analysis, is provided.
    • Complementary administrative capabilities, to manage the performance and lifecycle of underlying multitenant container databases.
    • A central service catalog, for approved pluggable database configurations, helping customers to achieve standardization while accommodating the range of applications and users in the enterprise.
    • Resource guarantee, enables deployment of mixed workloads in a shared environment for better performance, resource isolation, and resource utilization.
    • Quota, role based access, and policy based management, to help enforce compliance and governance requirements, while helping to reduce complexity.
    • Comprehensive REST API support, for integration with third-party automation systems or custom enterprise portals.

  • The new release also includes:
    • Testing as a Service: Oracle's self-service testing cloud, for automated application testing, has been enhanced to support functional and regression testing in addition to load testing. Customers can now deploy public or private testing clouds through Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and run automated functional regression tests, increasing QA efficiency, minimizing hardware costs, and improving application quality.
    • Minimal downtime maintenance: Using out-of-place patching, a capability that allows for infrastructure and Oracle Real Application Clusters databases to be patched without requiring downtime during the patching process.
    • Data optimization: New information lifecycle management advisor provides an in-depth heat map that displays information about tablespaces, segments and other important data, which is actively being queried or updated in the database, to optimize resource usage and help lower storage costs.
    • Snap Clone support for ZFS file system technology: In addition to existing support for Oracle's ZFS Storage Appliances and Netapp, the new release supports generic ZFS file systems, enabling the solution to work uniformly on NAS and SAN storage. Using Snap Clone, a database of any size can be cloned within minutes as compared to hours or even days using traditional data transfer techniques.

Supporting Quotes

  • "Database as a Service offers organizations very compelling benefits, including faster deployment, higher availability and lower operational complexity," said Sushil Kumar, vice president Product Strategy and Business Development, Oracle. "With the new release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, customers can quickly deploy pluggable Database as a Service solutions that realize the advantages of Oracle Database 12c's new multitenant architecture."
  • "The ability to offer Database as a Service with Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c has proven to be invaluable for our customers. We are able to provision database services much faster while our users are seeing much better performance and availability. One of the things our customers want is cloning of pluggable databases to test new versions of their applications against. For us, this has resulted in a tremendous demand for Database as a Service and that's a big win for us." said James Anthony, Technology Director, e-DBA Ltd.

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