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September 10, 2013 08:00 ET

Oracle Redefines Cost Management With New In-Memory Application for Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle In-Memory Cost Management Transforms Traditional Business Practices by Providing Real-Time Insight Into Cost Data

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - Oracle (NYSE: ORCL)

News Summary
With the ever-expanding volume of cost data within and across organizations, existing tools are often unable to perform complex cost analysis which prevents organizations from identifying optimal profit margins to help make informed cost management decisions. To transform the way organizations address their cost management objectives, Oracle has introduced Oracle In-Memory Cost Management for the Oracle E-Business Suite. Utilizing the extreme performance delivered by Oracle Engineered Systems, the new Oracle In-Memory Applications enable near real-time insight into all aspects of cost management, allowing organizations to make better, faster decisions to maximize profits, safeguard current margins and identify optimal future margins.

News Facts

  • To help organizations meet their strategic cost management objectives, Oracle today announced the general availability of a new suite of Oracle In-Memory Applications for the Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Expanding Oracle's cost management solutions, Oracle In-Memory Cost Management enables organizations to quickly view, analyze and visualize the impact of cost changes. Users now can perform complex what-if simulations on cost data and visualize its impact to inventory valuations and profit margins.
  • Utilizing the extreme performance of Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, which can manage the large and complex data sets central to in-memory applications, the Oracle In-Memory Cost Management application is designed to deliver near real-time insight into all aspects of cost management, enabling organizations to maximize gross margins and profits and enhance product cost structures through optimizing component costs.
  • With Oracle In-Memory Cost Management, organizations can also analyze data to optimize operational and working capital by creating profitable product mixes and identifying the right products to increase penetration in existing and new market segments.
  • Oracle In-Memory Applications for the Oracle E-Business Suite are certified and supported only on Oracle Engineered Systems, one more reason why Oracle applications run best on Oracle systems.
  • Oracle In-Memory Applications, including Oracle In-Memory Cost Management, demonstrate Oracle's continued commitment to innovation that produces business results and value for Oracle Applications running on Oracle Engineered Systems.

New Insight into Cost Data

  • Providing near real-time access to vast quantities of data, Oracle In-Memory Cost Management includes Oracle's Cost Impact Simulator and Gross Profit Analyzer and Oracle's Cost Comparison Tool.
  • Oracle's Cost Impact Simulator and Gross Profit Analyzer work together to enable organizations to perform a range of business functions not previously possible with the long wait times associated with batch processing of big data. With these features customers can:
    • Undertake multidimensional analysis of complex multi-level bills of material and routing data.
    • Perform detailed 'what-if' cost simulations and timely analysis of cost and inventory valuations.
    • Accurately view the impact of changes to margins and profits such as inflation, competitive pricing, discounts and potential tax increases.
    • Easily assess future impact on margins including potential downstream impact of unshipped orders and also future forecasted demand.
  • Oracle's Cost Comparison Tool enables organizations to quickly view and analyze the details of complex cost structures across multiple locations to discover hidden opportunities. With this tool customers can:
    • Quickly process and visualize large volumes of complex cost data.
    • Reduce operation costs.
    • Reach timely decisions.
    • Identify the most profitable cost structures.
    • Simulate the enterprise-wide impact of cost charges.
    • Propagate savings across the organization.

Supporting Quote

  • "In today's global marketplace, manufacturing enterprises need cutting-edge technology to quickly process and analyze large volumes of complex cost data," said Cliff Godwin, senior vice president, Oracle Applications Development. "With Oracle In-Memory Cost Management, organizations can now access real-time data to accurately perform 'what-if' scenarios and analyses, and quickly visualize its impact. This capability will be incredibly valuable to organizations to make faster, better decisions that impact the bottom-line and to drive their overall strategic cost management objectives."

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