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September 20, 2010 11:17 ET

Oracle's SPARC T3 Servers Deliver World-Record Performance Results

Demonstrate Unmatched Scalability and Performance for Customers Running Enterprise Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) -  ORACLE OPENWORLD -- Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL)

News Facts

  • Showcasing the unrivaled performance and value of tightly integrated solutions, Oracle today announced nine outstanding world-record and industry-first results on prominent application workloads and industry standard benchmarks.
  • These results demonstrate that Oracle's SPARC T3 servers with Oracle Solaris deliver unmatched scalability and performance running Oracle and non-Oracle enterprise applications. 
  • Oracle software, including Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications, is engineered and tuned to take advantage of Oracle's innovative hardware features to drive better performance, availability, security and manageability. 
  • All benchmarks used the newly announced SPARC T3 systems with support from the rest of Oracle's Sun SPARC product line, Oracle Solaris, Sun Storage and Oracle software. 
  • These benchmarks represent a variety of workloads ranging from Web and application-tiers to virtualization and OLTP, and highlight database, application and system-level performance. 

Benchmark Details 

  • SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark: The SPARC T3-4 server achieved a new world-record result for all single-node application server systems with the SPECjEnterprise2010 benchmark, which uses scenarios based on real-world CRM, manufacturing and supply chain management business cases. The SPARC T3-4 server beat IBM's best single-node result posted by Power 750 Express by 32 percent at the application-tier while SPARC T3-2 server outperformed IBM PS702 at the database-tier. Oracle's solution consumed half the physical space and delivered 3x better performance per rack unit over IBM's solution (RU)(1). 
  • SPECjvm2008 Benchmark: One SPARC T3-2 server posted a new world record result on SPECjvm2008, a general-purpose, multi-threaded Java benchmark. The combination of SPARC T3-2 server, Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle's Java HotSpot Virtual Machine (VM) offer customers using Java to run their applications a proven and stable environment with the best performance in the industry(2).
  • Siebel CRM Benchmark: The SPARC T3-1 server achieved outstanding results on this benchmark, which simulates service representatives running Oracle's Siebel Financial Services Call Center applications and provides seamless integration with Siebel Web Services, using the Siebel Enterprise Application Integration component. A single SPARC T3-1 server, running Siebel CRM application servers, and Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 server used Oracle Solaris Containers to run Oracle iPlanet Web Server and Oracle Database 11g R2, delivered an outstanding result of 13,000 active Siebel benchmark users with Siebel CRM v.8.1.1.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.2 Benchmark: The SPARC T3-2 and Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers running on the application- and database-tier respectively, are the first to achieve the result of 4,000 users on the online component of the Oracle E-Business Human Resources Self-Service (HRSS) business flow(3). This result demonstrates that SPARC T3-2 server with only one-fourth of its compute resources utilized, Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server and Oracle's Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array, instrumental in maintaining excellent average transaction response times, are well suited for OLTP-application environments while leaving customers plenty of room for growth.
  • Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Benchmark: Oracle Communications Order and Service Management allows communications service providers to address the enterprise-wide central order management challenges that are critical to their businesses. The benchmark simulates fulfillment of orders that are executed as many tasks, and measures throughput as the number of completed Tasks Per Second (TPS). Two SPARC T3 servers with Oracle Solaris 10, the SPARC T3-1 running Oracle Communications Order and Service Management 7.0 cluster and Oracle WebLogic Server 11g, and SPARC T3-2 server running Oracle Database 11g, handled a large number of orders with a record score of 1392 TPS. This result represents 2.4x performance improvement over an x86-based solution using three Dell servers(4).
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.0 (Day in the Life) Benchmark: The SPARC T3-1 server running Oracle Weblogic Server and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials and a Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array running Oracle Database 11g R2 posted the first result on this benchmark using a large database model. Completing "Close-the-Books" process that consists of concurrent batch jobs and simulates 1,000 online users, in 39 minutes, this solution showcases an ideal environment for hosting complex multi-tier PeopleSoft Financial Applications for enterprise-scale customers.
  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Benchmark: Using an online component of "Day in the Life" test that represents most popular JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, SPARC T3-1 server running Oracle Application Server 10gR3 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0.1 with Tools Oracle Solaris Containers, and SPARC Enterprise M3000 server running Oracle Database 11g deliver a new record result of 4200 users. This solution provides customers with high performance and scalability in a compact form factor with built-in virtualization and security features, reducing costs.
  • Consumer E-Commerce Site Benchmark: This in-house workload mimics a popular online auction site and includes functions such as creating an auction, submitting bids, user login/logout and account setup. The SPARC T3-1 server with Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.3 and Oracle SPARC Enterprise M4000 server with Oracle Database 11g R2, both running Oracle Solaris, demonstrated outstanding performance by supporting 19,000 concurrent users(5). The SPARC T3-1 server allows customers to balance a large number of interactive user sessions by scaling the number of WebLogic server instances almost linearly from one to four, while maintaining sub-second response time and leaving processing capacity for additional growth.
  • x86 to SPARC Virtualization Benchmark: The SPARC T3 systems enable users to migrate the database workloads off older x86 servers to a single SPARC T-series server. Specifically, up to 30 x86 servers running Oracle Database 11g can be consolidated to a single SPARC T3-2 server with a Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array, using Oracle Solaris 10 with Solaris Containers in a secure virtualized environment. To conduct this test, 30 Solaris Containers were configured on the SPARC T3-2 server using the same parameters and workload level as were recorded on each individual x86 server, thus assuring about the same transactional throughput and response times. This consolidation demonstrates a 10x physical footprint reduction, 6.7x better power consumption and reduced management costs while leaving customers with 20 percent room for additional growth on SPARC T3-2 server(6).

Supporting Quote

  • "This series of benchmarks show that the new SPARC T-3 servers with Oracle Solaris deliver the best platform for running enterprise applications," said John Fowler, executive vice president, Server and Storage Systems, Oracle. "Whether customers are running compute-intensive or fully virtualized environments, Oracle's integrated applications-to-disk solutions deliver the best scalability and performance."

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  1. SPEC and SPECjEnterprise are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Results from as of 9/20/2010. SPARC T3-4 - 9,456.28 SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS (World Record SPECjEnterprise2010 single-node result). IBM Power 750 Express - 7,172.93 SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS (IBM's best SPECjEnterprise2010 single-node result).
  2. SPEC and SPECjvm are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Competitive data from as of 9/20/2010. SPARC T3-2 server - 320.52 SPECjvm2008 Peak ops/m.
  3. Oracle E-Business Human Resources Self-Service (HR SS) business flow is a part of an extra large workload that includes 20,000 online users and two batch job with 750K order lines and 250K payroll employees.
  4. App tier: 2 x Dell PowerEdge R610 (2 x E5530, 2.4 GHz). DB tier: 1 x Dell PowerEdge 2950 (2 x X5460, 3.16 GHz) - 572 tps.
  5. SPARC T3-1 (one Weblogic 10.3.3 application server instance) - 5,000 users, 1,302 Ops/sec. SPARC T3-1 (four Weblogic 10.3.3 application server instances) -19,000 users, 4,815 Ops/sec.
  6. Two socket/3RU SPARC T3-2 running at 80% CPU utilization consumes 750W. 1RU Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array consumes 350W. 2RU Sun Fire X4270 (Comstar target) consumes 300W. Thirty 2 socket/2RU x86 systems running at 10% CPU utilization consume 320W, each.

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