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September 15, 2009 12:33 ET

Orange County Public Library Saves Thousands of Dollars Using Zontec™ Generators to Remove Smoke Due to California Fires

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - September 15, 2009) -, a 20 year old company manufacturing ozone clean air machines, will once again assist homeowners and businesses who have been devastated by smoke damage caused from the recent wildfires, potentially saving these victims thousands of dollars for each property. Wildfires not only devastate properties they burn, but they also destroy buildings that remain in the area through smoke damage. The smoke outside is pulled into HVAC systems, which then circulate the smoke throughout the inside, where the smoke odor is absorbed by the entire structure and its contents.

During the 2007 fires, many businesses and residents of California, like the Orange County Public Library, were affected by smoke odor lingering in their homes and businesses. The smoke contaminated the air and the odor permeated their furnishings. Many quickly and easily resolved this problem by simply plugging in a compact Zontec™ ozone generator, which purified the air and removed the smoke odor completely from their furnishings.

Professional services charge thousands to remove smoke odors from inside damaged structures, but are unnecessary, considering the fact that all a homeowner really has to do to remedy the situation is to simply plug in a compact ozone generator that will eliminate every trace of smoke odor. Ozone generators have been used for years by hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, car dealership and homeowners to eliminate smoke, mildew odors, and germs. These small, portable machines simply re-oxidize the air, leaving it free of germs, smoke, and any other odor causing contaminates. The cost for ozone generators is not only miniscule in comparison to professional smoke removal services, but owning the machine also allows the owner to use it again and again. Ozone generators like the patented Zontec™ will assist California wildfire victims again, Zontec™ has not only discounted the cost of their PA2500 generator, but the company will also offer free shipping to anyone who has been affected by wildfire and smoke damage.

Robert B. Genzel, Manager, Orange County Public Library/Facilities Construction & Maintenance Division, stated, "As you know the recent wild fires throughout Southern California have damaged or destroyed many homes and businesses, and have disrupted many people's lives. Among the problems that remain for people to deal with, other than rebuilding and repairing their buildings and homes, is getting rid of the smoke odors that just don't seem to go away no matter how well you clean, wash and shampoo the furniture, window coverings, and carpeting.

"The Foothill Ranch Library is one of our branches that were affected by the fires, coming within a block of the facility. This is our newest branch, opened in February 2004, consists of a 12,914 square foot main library, and a community assembly room of 1,502 square feet on the same site. The Orange County Public Library recently (2007) purchased two Zontec™ ozone generators to address the strong smoke odors that were impregnated into the carpet and window coverings, as well as the workings of our HVAC system. Even a week after the fires were extinguished the odors lingered inside the branch making it difficult and uncomfortable for the staff and patrons to breathe. We researched numerous methods of eliminating the odors and found that purchasing your ozone generators was by far the most economical and longest lasting solution. Because the fires burned so close, and the smells are still lingering in the air, we are still getting that smoke smell when we go out of the building. But since we've used Zontec™ ozone generators, we have eliminated every trace of the smoke smell from inside the branch, as well as from the giant air handler on the roof that conditions the air inside the branch. We are totally satisfied with the results of using the machines and plan on using them in some of our other 33 branch libraries that are in the Orange County Public Library system."

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Zontec™ has a commitment to excellence, which starts by manufacturing our generators in the United States and by continuously testing our generators in all climates and conditions to meet our highest standard of performance. With generator applications for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments worldwide, Zontec™ continues to release new technology to meet the changing demands. Contact Zontec™ directly at or call them at 813-936-9200.

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