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December 03, 2013 08:00 ET

ORCA's "Service as a Solution Model" Continues to Gain Attention

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - The millions of tons of organic waste and overburdened landfills have finally received the attention of policy-makers -- and they are determined to do something about it. Massachusetts is set to become the first state in the US to ban large producers from landfilling organic waste, and other cities, such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles are developing "zero waste" initiatives. The ORCA machine can be a significant component in both of these initiatives. Introduced almost a decade ago by Totally Green, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TLGN) ("Totally Green" or the "Company"), the ORCA offers a method to digest food waste on-site and convert it to nutrient rich water within a twenty-four hour period. The ORCA machine, in its earlier days, required a sizeable capital expenditure to get started, and came with limited field based support. That has changed.

During a quarterly management meeting at Totally Green's Corporate Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, a review and evaluation of the major changes in Totally Green's new approach to the marketplace was laid out. "The business has come a long way over the past year," stated Shawn Dym, Totally Green's CEO. "Over the past year we've been able to make a number of mechanical improvements to the ORCA, successfully trialed a number of different strands of micro-organisms to increase the digestion rate of the machines and made a number of personnel changes internally to better execute on our mandate."

Mr. Dym continued, "It was in August 2012 that we identified a need to change the way we approached our product offering. We listened to our potential customers as they told us that the ORCA Green Machine would meet their on-site digestion needs, but noted they found it difficult to allocate the capital required to purchase the system outright, as well as the attention needed to properly implement and service the ORCA." Since then the Company has successfully launched the "Service as a Solution Model" where an ORCA machine is placed with the prospective customer at no up-front cost to them and free for 30 days before beginning a longer term service agreement. The monthly cost to the customer includes all preventative maintenance, service, and supplies needed to operate the ORCA. The monthly cost is typically similar to or less than what they had been spending to have a hauler truck the food waste to a landfill -- a process that is far more damaging to the environment than the ORCA.

After installation of the ORCA, on-site training is provided to the customer's personnel to ensure a seamless transition to the ORCA solution, and the common outcome from the transition is that the customer's worries about the odors, vermin, and additional handling problems for food waste are over. Customers have noted that the ORCA solution can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their kitchen processes, greatly reduce truck traffic coming in and out of their facilities, and eliminate the need to store food waste and the odors associated with that. Many of these customers have also experienced significant cost savings through the ORCA implementation, with the added benefit of also achieving and exceeding their waste diversion goals.

Since the "Service as a Solution Model" was launched in Toronto late last year, Totally Green has grown to over fifty customers who are enjoying the benefits of the ORCA Service Solution.

Mr. Dym noted, "The success that we've had in Toronto will definitely help our progress as we continue to replicate our model in other major North American markets, including New York City. The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York has quickly become a showcase for the ORCA system as one of the first machines that we placed on our service model in the States." Mr. Dym concluded, "We knew that it would be nearly a year of re-tooling and re-shaping the Company's operations. We feel confident that we not only have the superior technology for on-site digestion, but we have also developed the superior method for distributing this technology through our 'Service as a Solution Model.' We plan to continue to keep our stockholders aware of the progress of this new business model in the years to come via our quarterly financial reporting and other press releases via our website."

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