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September 28, 2010 06:00 ET

OrcaTec Releases Its Advanced Text Analytics Platform

SDR and OrcaTec Merger Results in Release of Advanced Text Analytic Tools for Governance, Risk, Compliance, and eDiscovery

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - September 28, 2010) -  OrcaTec, a leader in the field of text analytics and discovery technology, has released its first OrcaTec/SDR collaborative product, OrcaTec Text Analytics Platform. This revolutionary platform enables users to retrieve, filter, analyze, visualize and produce data with unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency, at a 90% cost reduction compared to conventional technology.

The biggest expense in responding to government inquiries, investigations, and eDiscovery is the cost of document review. The most obvious solution is to reduce the number of documents requiring direct review. However, accomplishing that while maintaining accuracy and defensibility has been the elusive Holy Grail. OrcaTec's technology amplifies the knowledge of expert reviewers to provide higher accuracy rates than for human reviewers alone, while reducing the volume needing review by 90%. The use of exacting processes, coupled with methodical quality checks makes the system reliable, accurate, and highly defensible.

The OrcaTec Platform is available as a hosted SaaS application, or as an in-house appliance. "Our Platform is designed with security, speed, and auditability at its core," said Quin Gregor, OrcaTec COO.

OrcaTec recently launched its "Stop the Waste" campaign to demonstrate how science can make it easier, faster, and cheaper to get to the heart of a matter. "Most of the review cost is wasted on examining irrelevant or nonresponsive documents. Our over-arching goal in developing this software has been to increase the accuracy and manageability of document review," said Dr. Herbert Roitblat, OrcaTec Chief Scientist. "Our tools help respondents cull those documents before the review begins."

Increased accuracy and reduced review time allows litigation teams to keep document reviews in-house. "The high cost of review has made the legal and risk management processes burdensome. We're aiming to reduce that burden," said Arnaud Viviers, OrcaTec CEO.

About OrcaTec
OrcaTec is the convergence of OrcaTec LLC of California and SDR LLC of Georgia. The 2010 merger brought together the talents of SDR, a long time provider of SaaS email archiving and high speed discovery services with OrcaTec's analytics technology, based on over 30 years of research. OrcaTec currently provides software products focusing on text analytics, archiving, discovery, and visualization for email archives, eDiscovery, risk management and compliance.

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