September 12, 2005 08:10 ET

Orchestria Announces Partnership with FlexITy Solutions; Business Solutions Provider Will Offer Industry-Leading Communications Control Technology to Customers

NEW YORK--(CCNMatthews - Sep 12, 2005) -

Orchestria, the global leader in the active policy management (APM) software market, today announced it will partner with FlexITy™, a leading provider of integrated business solutions to prominent Canadian businesses, to address business risks generated by electronic communications for current and future FlexITy customers.

Customers can now assure regulatory compliance, protect intellectual property and ensure appropriate employee behavior through a managed or hosted Orchestria solution from FlexITy.

FlexITy's market-ready solutions compliment Orchestria's commitment to corporations facing an ever-increasing number of regulations and business policies. FlexITy provides business consulting, integrated technology and managed services to help create and disseminate innovative business strategies.

"FlexITy's deep industry expertise and broad strategic experience makes them a valuable ally for ensuring regulatory compliance in Canadian businesses," said Bo Manning, CEO of Orchestria. "This partnership offers corporations a comprehensive solution for compliance and risk management backed by a trusted team with a proven track record, practical industry insight and integrated business process ability. Ultimately, what counts is the effectiveness of the solution and the caliber of the team supporting the customers."

Aligning business and compliance objectives enables Orchestria and FlexITy to build information systems that improve business performance while addressing all regulatory compliance risks. By simulating operating environments outside of the business operations, FlexITy ensures that solutions are optimized and proven before they are integrated into actual operations. This minimizes impact to workflow.

"Operating in a regulated environment is increasingly complicated and can have a costly impact to business if regulations are violated or workflow is interrupted," said Ron Stewart, executive vice president of FlexITy. "By offering both managed and hosted solutions, we provide the flexibility needed to allow our customers to quickly, successfully and proactively manage their policies. This efficiently takes the burden off the customer's shoulders while protecting the corporation from severe electronic communication threats without exhausting valuable company resources."

About Orchestria

Orchestria helps organizations assure regulatory compliance, protect intellectual property and ensure appropriate employee behavior. Used by many of the world's largest and most sophisticated corporations, including Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns, Orchestria Corporation is the global leader in the active policy management (APM) software market. Orchestria addresses the unacceptable business risks related to electronic communications sent via e-mail, instant messenger, BlackBerry® type devices, Web and blogs. Additionally, Orchestria's technology is embedded in offerings from Bloomberg® and other service providers.

Orchestria supports both fundamental approaches to APM: Policy Enforcement and Intelligent Surveillance. In Policy Enforcement, Orchestria recognizes policy violations in electronic communications and web activity before the communication is sent or web transaction is completed, stopping the violation before it occurs. In Intelligence Surveillance, Orchestria enables compliance personnel to effectively target their compliance efforts on electronic communications and web activity that have a high probability of violation. Both approaches prevent inappropriate activity, and through education, deters repeat offences.

About FlexITy™

A leading Canadian solution provider, FlexITy's focus is on "Aligning Business and Technology."

FlexITy offers customers a unique value proposition: high quality technology consulting, infrastructure solutions and managed services delivered by the best trained, most skilled people in the IT business.

Our deep industry expertise and broad strategic experience in nearly every business sector is available to our customers through FlexITy's Technology Consulting practice. Our senior consulting staff will work with you to align IT strategies with your business objectives, and to create solutions that improve operational efficiencies, enhance productivity, reduce cycle times, lower costs and drive business growth.

FlexITy has drawn upon the expertise, knowledge and passion of its people to create an unsurpassed infrastructure solution offering. Using a broad spectrum of best-in-class technologies, tools and platforms, we develop and implement innovative infrastructure solutions that not only meet IT specifications, but enhance business performance.

FlexITy's comprehensive portfolio of managed services can increase the power of your mission-critical IT resources while lowering your costs. With FlexITy, you have a managed services provider driven by quality and committed to customer service -- a professional organization that supplements your own IT capabilities with leading-edge tools, systems resources and experience.

FlexITy understands that IT infrastructure needs can emerge at any time during the technology lifecycle. That's why we offer you expertise that spans the full cycle -- from strategic planning through design and validation, procurement, implementation, refinement and disaster recovery planning. Our people work with you every step of the way to deepen your resources, expand your capabilities and maximize your solution's performance. For more information on FlexITy, please visit: www.FlexITy.ca.

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