SOURCE: Advanced Growing Systems, Inc.

July 19, 2007 08:00 ET

Organic Growing Systems, Inc. Expands Distribution Reach to California

MONTICELLO, MS--(Marketwire - July 19, 2007) - Agreaux Organics, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Organic Growing Systems and Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AGWS), continues to extend its reach. "Prior to now, our most distant customer was located in New Mexico. We are pleased to announce that a truckload of our advanced organic fertilizer departed Monticello, destined for Clovis, California, where a new customer located in the organic capital of the country was convinced to buy his organic fertilizer from Mississippi," stated Les Johnson, Strategic Consultant and Head of Manufacturing for Organic Growing Systems, Inc.

"No matter how good the growing conditions are, from the standpoint of soil quality and weather, long-term use of most chemical fertilizers leads to depletion of soil micronutrients and microorganisms. Depending on native soil quality, it may take years, decades or even a generation or two, before the point is reached where no amount of chemical fertilizer, offering only NPK, will be enough to make a plant grow.

"All gardeners are familiar with NPK. That is the term used to show how much Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are in a particular fertilizer. Many are unaware that it takes much more than those three elements to keep a plant healthy and productive. Microelements from Boron and Cobalt to Zinc are essential for all plants, as well as for the creatures that depend on those plants for food.

"For instance, a Boron deficiency results in deformed plants and flowers, poor pollination and chlorotic new growth. Cobalt is essential for nitrogen fixation in legumes and is required for vitamin B12 transfer to livestock. Zinc is required for enzyme development, growth regulation and immunity from disease.

"There are many more of these microelements, all of which play important roles in plant and animal health. Livestock and wildlife seem to instinctively sense the presence of needed nutrients in forage fertilized organically. Cattle and deer will frequently show a preference for such feedstock, devouring it completely before turning to other forage.

"South Mississippi soils, and almost all of the native coastal plain soils from East Texas to North Carolina, are low in microelements. Since they are required only in trace amounts, these elements, if present at all in the soil, will be available for use by the plant. There is a point, however, where these elements will disappear unless they are somehow replaced. Most good organic fertilizers will supply many of these elements and will provide the organic environment needed by microorganisms that then convert soil nutrients to forms that can be utilized by the plant. Repeated applications only make it better.

"Even in western states where the farmland has benefited from minerals washed down from the Rockies, the Cascades and the Sierras, growers still see an advantage in the use of organic fertilizers ... those from around Clovis, California, for instance."

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