November 08, 2006 08:00 ET

Organize-It Cleans Up Online Search Functionality With SLI Systems' Learning Search and Site Champion

Online Household and Storage Products Retailer Captures Valuable Customer Search Information to Deliver More Relevant Results and Increase Customer Satisfaction

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 8, 2006 -- SLI Systems, Inc. (, a provider of on-demand search services for Internet and e-commerce sites, today announced that Organize-It (, an e-retailer of household, storage and organization products, has implemented the company's Learning Search hosted site search and Site Champion automated search engine optimization (SEO) offerings. Based on positive customer feedback the company has received, Organize-It has improved the search functionality of its e-commerce site and increased search accuracy for its online customers since implementing Learning Search in June 2006, and more recently, Site Champion.

Organize-It launched its e-commerce site in 1999. More recently, the company decided it wanted to strengthen its site infrastructure, including the search functionality, to make it easier for customers to navigate and purchase items from the site. After reviewing a number of site search solutions, Organize-It chose SLI Systems' Learning Search for its range of customizable search features, and for its intuitive ability to learn from customers' past search behavior to present more relevant results. For example, when a customer types in a search term such as "box," Learning Search will list the results with the most popular item in Organize-It's inventory that customers have clicked on at the top -- in this case, the company's best-selling canvas storage box.

The search data that Learning Search accumulates now helps Organize-It better determine which products to promote proactively on their home page. As customers' tastes and preferences change throughout the year, Organize-It tracks those changes in search results and plans its inventory and merchandizing accordingly. Organize-It also strongly believes that Site Champion, SLI Systems' automated search engine optimization service, is responsible for driving more customers to their site. Site Champion uses Organize-It's customers' keyword terms to create related search links for each page of its e-commerce site, which has resulted in hundreds of additional content pages that are indexed by Google and other popular search engines. Site Champion also reports the keyword terms that drove customers to those pages, which further refines Organize-It's ongoing search engine marketing efforts.

"Knowing what a customer expects to find on a site is extremely crucial -- if you don't offer the functionality or the results they expect, you'll lose their trust and business," said Nick Panas, IT manager for Organize-It. "Within just two days of re-engineering our search functionality, SLI Systems gave us valuable insight into what our customers are looking for, which has made it easier for us to help them find the products they seek. In addition, because Learning Search and Site Champion are hosted services, they continually fine-tune search results for us, which means improved search accuracy and increased sales, with almost no investment of our time. I've worked with a lot of vendors, and no one's come close to their level of responsiveness."

About Learning Search

Based on SLI's patented "Learning Search" advanced analytics engine, the company's hosted site search and automated SEO solutions "learn" from user behavior by tracking the search terms people use on a retailer's site and the resulting items they click on. The SLI solutions give retailers greater insight into what terms they should be both linking products to and including in product descriptions, and which products are the most popular for various keywords. As a result, retailers can ensure the products people are searching for show up in the right searches -- whether those searches are conducted on their own sites or on an Internet search engine like Google.

Learning Search is a hosted site search solution that continually tracks visitors' aggregate search terms and the corresponding items clicked on, and uses that data to deliver results based on popularity. For example, if someone searches on "stacking shelves," Learning Search automatically ranks the items so that those with historically higher click-rates are listed at the top. Learning Search also shows how many products exist and in what categories, and gives visitors the option to sort the results by ascending or descending prices, or filter by category. Learning Search is supplemented with a new, free Site Search Feedback Tool, which is designed to help e-commerce and other Web sites better understand the quality of their site search functionality based on customer input. More information is available at

Site Champion is an automated search engine optimization service that integrates with Learning Search, tracking visitors' search terms and using them to automatically create related search links for each page of a retailer's site. When visitors click on these 'related search' links they are presented with site search results for that term, directing them to additional relevant content and commerce opportunities -- making it easier for a site's visitors to find what they want, and helping retailers generate more sales. The links also drive more natural search traffic to the retailer's site by giving the retailer's results pages links that are crawled by search engine spiders.

"Companies like Organize-It realize that the best way to build customer loyalty, besides having the right inventory, is ensuring customers can find the products they want on the first search attempt," said Dr. Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. "By offering a hosted search offering, SLI Systems can save retailers the pain of monitoring or fine-tuning their search, while reaping the rewards of improved customer retention and sales."

More than 100 online retailers and other companies are using SLI Systems' hosted offerings, including NBC, Tupperware, Fright Catalog, NRS (Northwest River Supplies), and more.

About SLI Systems

SLI Systems is the developer of learning-based search technology for corporate Internet sites, e-commerce destinations and consumer Internet portals that Searches, Learns and Improves the user experience. SLI Systems' hosted site search, and automated SEO and SEM solutions empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction while increasing sales, reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information. Unlike traditional search software, SLI Systems' patented technology continuously "learns" from the behavior of visitors over time to deliver more relevant results. Current customers include, NBC, Tupperware, and others. SLI Systems is a privately held company, with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information, visit

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