July 25, 2017 09:43 ET

ORHub, Inc. Introduces Fourth Medical Software Service Line, Continuing Rapid Expansion Strategy

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 25, 2017) -  ORHub, Inc. (OTC: ORHB), a medical software company focused on delivering case-based data analytics at the speed of surgery, today announces the launch of its fourth service line, marking the company's strategically planned entry point into neurosurgery. ORHub continues to innovate at the speed of customer demand in the health care industry.

By providing transformative medical software to this segment of the nation's health care industry, ORHub exponentially grows its addressable market of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, which collectively perform over 100 million procedures each year. This new service line also expands the company's portfolio of service lines to four: Spinal, Hip & Knee, Cardiac & Cardiology, and Neurosurgery. 

Currently in use at two major hospitals in Southern California, ORHub's medical software is a case-based model that can analyze procedures, offer predictive analysis, and enable additional revenue insights to hospital facilities across service lines. Their increasing appetite to expand ORHub's functionality points to the clear value of ORHub's dynamic data and advanced analytics capabilities.

As demonstrated in a powerful customer review published by Microsoft, ORHub delivers unprecedented intelligence and insight into the volume of cases in an operating room to achieve greatly improved resource allocation, real-time monitoring of surgery, and predictive analysis. Read the full review at

"We are excited to announce the new Neurosurgery service line so quickly after launching our previous modules. The need for our software in the operating room is monumental, and we are aggressively working to expand our service line offerings to deliver our transformative software to key hospitals in major U.S. markets," says ORHub CEO Colt Melby. 

The value of the ORHub Platform lies in its innovative ability to help hospitals and surgeons make real-time, data-driven decisions that improve business profitability and patient outcomes. ORHub is on track to exceed its deployment goal for 2017. 

About ORHub, Inc.

ORHub is a medical software company focused on delivering case-based data analytics at the speed of surgery. The Company's suite of products serves the needs of the health care industry, hospital, patient, government and the medical device vendor. ORHub provides a cloud-based software solution that captures information before, during and after surgery, filling a void in the current surgical information infrastructure and providing the first process to capture and measure the surgical process -- evolving Big Data into Intelligent Digital Data.

ORHub's software applications allow hospitals and medical device vendors to utilize any web-enabled device to create an anatomical graphic depiction of exactly what occurs during surgery. The application automatically translates the resulting schematic into an intelligent, electronic operative report that links every detail of surgery, including implant location, surgical techniques, product usage, and all clinical parameters to create a dynamically new source of comparative information.

As a result, hospitals and surgeons can make real-time, data driven decisions to improve business profitability and the quality of patient care. This innovative technology results in hospitals understanding costs and identifying areas of cost reductions, as well as results in increased accountability, automatic creation of comprehensive anatomic implant registries, real-time analytics, improved efficiencies, and compliance with existing government regulations. ORHub has offices in Phoenix, Arizona; Newport Beach, California; and Bellevue, Washington.

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