May 09, 2017 11:57 ET

ORHub (ORHB) Enhances Leading Data Analytics Platform with Integration of Sterilization Process Module

Platform continues to transform surgical data collection to maximize cost controls, create efficiencies

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - May 9, 2017) - ORHub, Inc. (OTC: ORHB), a software company established as the 'Operating Room Hub' for surgery information control, is expanding its existing cloud-based platform and has scheduled pilot tests of its beta module for sterilization processing in the operating room in mid to late Q2. With over 51 million surgeries performed annually in the U.S., ORHub's platform addresses a vast market of care providers looking for ways to save time and money through the surgical process.

ORHub provides valuable data that enables care providers to track and monitor inventory, compare costs, and identify financial impacts in the operating room at the point of surgery via data integration, pre-populated and non-duplicated information, and comparative insights. Through collaboration with current customers, ORHub has identified a significant opportunity to improve data flow management for the sterilization of implant trays. As the volume of surgeries in the U.S. continues to grow, tracking and management of multiple sterile trays per surgery is a critical link in the overall value chain for perioperative activities.

"There is no greater need for efficient sterilization than in the operating room, where efficiency is paramount. The ORHub platform harnesses the power of big data to provide pre and post-operative data that transforms surgical resource management," says ORHub CEO Colt Melby.

ORHub's revolutionary platform is currently being used in the operating room of two major hospitals in California. As recently announced, the Company has successfully collected data from 500 surgeries and is now responding to customer requests to build on this success and expand the data collected by its existing platform.

"The perioperative department using our 'Operating Room Hub' has engaged to save even more time and reduce costs by addressing non-value added activities in the Sterile Processing Department. Our customers are key factors in our ability to help identify user needs and drive value-based opportunities in the $3 trillion health care market. This module shows the robustness of our user-centered design and the focus we have on value creation for our customers," says ORHub Chief Technology Officer Wesley Mitchell.

ORHub's new module features a data network overlay that links valuable information within the sterilization processing department. Previously, this information had to be manually generated or siloed in multiple distributed systems. With ORHub's easy-to-use barcode scanning capability, care providers and sales reps have access to touchpad functionality and the opportunity to measure outcomes and cost-effectiveness at a case level. The end result is time and money saved, along with improved patient care.

"We want to add capabilities for great support of the perioperative department and tray management. Our ability to focus on standards like GS1 and HIBC barcodes will help automate manual receiving and tracking of trays across the lifecycle of the case. As we evolve our services, we expect to drive analytics and deep learning capabilities to improve workflow variance and delays resulting from tray logistics issues. The case level information will help hospitals control costs and provide value-based outcomes to their patients," says Mitchell.

About ORHub, Inc.

ORHub is a cloud-based software platform focused on delivering value-based medicine in surgical care. The company enables all parties involved in surgical care to work together to organize, deliver, measure and reimburse in a single uniform process. This allows for significant decreases in cost and improvement in outcomes by eliminating inefficiencies, duplication of effort, and errors and omissions that result from siloed processes in software and poor handoffs from one part of the care process to another.

The need for ORHub is clear. Health care comprises more than 17% of US GDP at over $3 trillion per year. With costs rising every year due to an aging population and more expensive treatments, providers are under severe pressure to become more efficient and reduce costs from payers who are aggressively reducing reimbursements and finally moving away from fee-for-service and toward performance-based reimbursement. ORHub enables providers to thrive in this new environment by addressing the single largest segment of health care, which is surgical care. ORHub replaces numerous legacy systems with a 360 degree system that is focused on tracking cost from diagnosis to discharge centered on treating a patient for a specific condition. ORHub has offices in Phoenix, Arizona; Newport Beach, California; and Bellevue, Washington.

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