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December 17, 2015 06:00 ET

Orion Advisor Services Launches Advisor Growth Engine "Orion Business Intelligence" Available Through Orion Connect Dashboard

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  • Enterprise-level business intelligence tool offers independent advisory firms powerful capability to analyze and fuel their growth in real time
  • The platform is the next generation of the long-standing Business Metrics Reporting tool, providing next level data insights with a visual and comprehensive approach
  • Advisors can look at AUM changes over time, new accounts opened by month/year/quarter, transaction types, cash flows and demographic trends
  • Business Intelligence is now available to all advisors through the Orion Connect dashboard

Orion Advisor Services, LLC ("Orion"), the premier portfolio accounting service provider for financial advisors, today announced the launch of Orion Business Intelligence, after months of rigorous beta testing and implementation with advisor partners. The platform is the latest innovation from Orion, which had been offering Business Metrics Reporting and analytics to its advisors for more than three years. The new platform retains all of the reporting capabilities of the first generation system, but with substantial technical and visual enhancements, features and functionalities. 

The Business Intelligence platform has also been introduced as an application on Orion Connect for real-time, easy access by advisory firm executives. The interactive platform not only allows advisors to better monitor and drill down on business trends, it sends the data directly to the advisor for timely intelligence, addressing questions such as AUM changes over time, new accounts opened by month/year/quarter, transaction types, top performers, cash flows and demographic trends.

"The Business Intelligence Platform provides better visualizations of advisors' data so they can make more informed business decisions," said Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion Advisor Services. "Every day we ask ourselves how we can help our advisor partners to maximize the growth potential of their businesses -- by empowering our advisors with information to make great decisions, we've seen advisors eclipse over 1 million accounts on our platform."

Orion believes in empowering its advisors with data visualizations that will create the opportunity for them to see new ways to enhance client service, focus resources and make decisions based on what clients value most. Through the Business Intelligence application on Orion Connect, advisors are able to choose which data they want analyzed, allowing them to track trends and look for untapped opportunities for growth in a way that is customizable to their business needs. The application enables advisors to better leverage the intelligence tools they are already using through Business Metrics, with no additional investment.

Tools such as Sisense, Tableau, PowerBI, DOMO and others provide sophisticated analysis and reporting through the platform. CLS Investments and scores of advisor partner firms have been using Orion Business Intelligence for some time and have validated its effectiveness.

"Previously, we would run reports out of Orion on a 'one-off' basis. For example, we could run a report that shows advisor AUM," says Ryan Beach, president, CLS Investments. "Now, we can query the entire database in any manner to combine the data in various ways to show which strategies are getting adoption across our advisor base and client base. Across 30,000 accounts you can start to draw some interesting conclusions." 

Business Intelligence is designed to track changes over time, reflecting all developmental stages of advisors' products, accounts and representatives at the time each fact was loaded.

"Orion's Business Intelligence Platform allows us to obtain quick and easy access to our firm's data in a user-friendly and reliable way," said Jose Arevalo, junior quantitative analyst, Pinnacle Advisory Group. "More importantly, the platform enables our firm to spend more time analyzing our business and less time continuously building out data analytics to make reliable business decisions that impact our present and future growth."

Advisors who want greater flexibility to access their data beyond the pre-built Business Intelligence dashboards available in Orion Connect can utilize a SQL Server database to access the data, which is delivered and stored in a reporting structure known as a "star schema" or "dimensional model." A dimensional model simplifies the structure of data so that it is easy for end users to retrieve.

"Not only is this a value-add for our advisors, it allows us to look at our customers holistically to improve our operations," adds Malinda Jepsen, business intelligence specialist, Orion. "Orion Business Intelligence is, in a sense, the embodiment of our core values -- that we are only as good as our advisor partners. By collectively working to utilize business intelligence more effectively, we all improve, which directly benefits clients and our industry."

The platform is now available for all advisors who use Orion. To learn more about the Business Intelligence platform and application for Orion Connect, visit or attend the informational webinar by registering here

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