October 01, 2013 11:00 ET

Oris4 Launches Fully Indexed Video Content in Oris4 Findability Engine

Oris4 to Showcase New Video Indexing Capability of Its Content Findability Engine at DataWeek 2013

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News Summary:

  • Oris4 today announced the new video indexing capability of its flagship product Oris4, a content management system designed to revolutionize content findability for the enterprise.
  • Oris4 will enable enterprises to improve employee productivity and business efficiency by maximizing the findability of all relevant corporate information, including digital video.
  • As a DataWeek 2013 participant, the company will showcase enhancements to its Content Findability Engine at the DataWeek 2013 Conference.

Full Story:

Oris4, a developer of next-generation content management systems, today announced an exciting advance in powerful enterprise findability and data aggregation capabilities of its flagship software product. Oris4 will now automatically index users' video content regardless of source, file name or format. Oris4's ability to aggregate, search and display all crucial content from disparate sources based on contextual relevance provides enterprises with complete, easy-to-use and dependable enterprise content management system.

The ability to index video content adds another important source of corporate information and memory to Oris4's popular cloud- and enterprise-based sources of business information such as, Box, Google Drive, and Gmail to customers across the globe.

"Video content is a vital piece of information in an increasingly visual world," said Reza Kazemipour, CEO of Oris4. "Our customers, especially in publishing and marketing, have indicated that getting the right video when they need it is as important as the right document. It's a huge part of how they work."

Short form video (less than five minutes in length) comprises an exponentially growing portion of content created in business today in North America. Oris4's ability to organize that content for a business user and make it easy to find and accessible from anywhere helps improve business efficiency and speed to market for Oris4 customers. Oris4 indexes not only the content's metadata, but also the spoken word in the video and allows users to find specific references in that video content. This allows users to find the video they need while only knowing the context of the video and its participants.

"Oris4 provides a better way to find and use our valuable corporate information regardless of the content source or name. It delivers on the promise of enterprise findability -- getting the right document or video in our hands quickly -- saving us time and making us money," said Jeff McInnis, President and CEO of SmartRG. "At SmartRG, using Oris4 gives my sales team direct access to critical content, regardless of their location, dramatically improving customer services and sales productivity."

Oris4's contextual indexing delivers the digital video, document, file or email business users need to do their job when they need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies users are working with and available to them regardless of how and where it was saved. described Oris4 in this way, "Anyone who's ever used cloud storage can instantly see the value of this sort of offering."

Oris4 will be demonstrating enhancements to Oris4, The Content Findability Engine, at the DataWeek 2013 Conference & Festival in San Francisco.

About Oris4

At Oris4, we've developed an innovative and simple information platform that revolutionizes content findability within the enterprise. Oris4 is an easy-to-use and scalable content findability engine that delivers real ROI for business as soon as you install it. The system gathers and indexes information from sources such as, Box, Google Drive and email, organizing it in a manner that lets you find anything in a few clicks. We deliver the video, document, file or email you need to do your job when you need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies you are working with and available to you regardless of how and where it was saved.

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