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Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery

April 24, 2013 05:01 ET

Orlando Plastic Surgeon Highlights Benefits of a Body Lift Procedure

Dr. Matas Offers His Orlando Plastic Surgery Patients Body Lift Procedures and Body Contouring to Tighten the Trunk, Buttocks, Thighs, and More After Dramatic Weight Loss

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2013) - Dr. James Matas, a board-certified Orlando plastic surgeon, provides a wide spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive services at the Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery, his private practice. In addition to procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, and male breast reduction, Dr. Matas performs body lift surgery for patients who have lost a dramatic amount of weight and want to be rid of the resulting excess skin and fat.

Dr. Matas defines a body lift procedure as a circumferential removal of loose skin and fat from the patient's trunk. He says a body lift will also tighten the buttock area whereas an abdominoplasty alone will not. Additionally, the Orlando plastic surgeon notes that some body contouring includes a limited abdominoplasty or a full abdominoplasty, while some require an extended abdominoplasty but not a circumferential excision.

According to Dr. Matas, his Orlando patients are initially concerned with whether or not they are suitable candidates for the particular type of body contouring a body lift entails. Typically, he says body lift surgery can last seven to eight hours as opposed to the four to five hours it takes to perform a traditional tummy tuck procedure. He adds that his prospective patients are often also interested in learning what they can expect in terms of results and recovery time.

The goals of any given body lift procedure at the Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery are defined by the patient's appearance, medical conditions, and desired outcomes. Dr. Matas first determines the patient's weight and BMI, if the patient's weight is stable, and if the patient has plans for additional weight loss in the future. Secondly, he performs a thorough examination while explaining the strategy of the surgery and what the patients can expect in regard to recovery and scarring. To ensure his patients have a good idea of what they can expect, the Orlando plastic surgeon shows his patients before and after photos of similar cases. After this initial examination and consultation process, Dr. Matas says patients are more informed and able to clearly communicate to him their desires and expectations.

Dr. Matas performs all body lift procedures in an accredited office surgery center with MD anesthesia. Through the combination of several different procedures, he says a body lift can be part of a larger body contouring plan. Body contouring surgery at Dr. Matas' Orlando plastic surgery practice may include brachioplasty, breast lift with possible simultaneous augmentation, body lift or abdominoplasty, and thighplasty.

Regarding postoperative care, Dr. Matas highlights that he continues to see his patients routinely to ensure the healing process is going smoothly. Additionally, his Orlando plastic surgery practice supplies patients with Arnica Montana and Bromelain to help with any postoperative bruising and swelling. Dr. Matas often recommends Biocorneum (a topical silicone gel with an SPF of 30) for the treatment of postoperative scars. His philosophy is to leave as little to chance as possible and pay close attention to detail regarding the care of his patients.

About James A. Matas, MD

Dr. James Matas graduated from the University of Notre Dame and earned his medical degree at the University of Miami Medical School. He is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the owner and Medical Director of the the Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Matas has served as a hospital chief of staff, the Past President of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Vice President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Matas is available for interview upon request.

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