Organic Resource Management Inc.

Organic Resource Management Inc.

January 25, 2011 16:30 ET

ORMI Executes Exclusive North American Marketing Agreement with Leading European Manufacturer of Biogas Related Technologies

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 25, 2011) - Organic Resource Management Inc. (TSX VENTURE:ORI) ("ORMI" or "the Company") announced today that it has signed a definitive exclusive marketing agreement with DODA® USA Inc. ("DODA-USA"), for all of its BioSeparator technology and equipment, where it applies to ORMI's patent-protected Organic Residuals Recovery System ("ORRS"), for on-site liquefying and storage of organic waste.

DODA-USA is the North American subsidiary of DODA Construzione Macchine Agricole di DODA Aldo e C. snc ("DODA") of Mantova Italy. DODA is a leading European manufacturer of pumping and solids separation equipment for the manure and more recently anaerobic digester industries.

The DODA BioSeparator will be jointly marketed by DODA-USA and ORMI whenever its application falls within the scope of the Company's ORRS patents (CDN Patent 2,153,529, US Patent 5,568,996). The ORRS patents extend to any installation where a milling device, such as the DODA BioSeparator, is used to reduce the volume of food waste by liquefying it, store the milled food waste in a storage tank and ultimately transport it offsite for disposal or recycling.

The terms of the agreement include a requirement of all purchasers of DODA BioSeparator equipment to acknowledge ORMI's patent protection and to negotiate consideration directly with ORMI. Consideration may or may not be in the form of royalties.

DODA and ORMI are currently evaluating options for a number of North American installations.

Based upon two decades of evaluating organic residuals management technologies, ORMI selected the DODA BioSeparator as the premier technology available today for liquefying and removing trash from source separated solid food waste, to create an ideal anaerobic digester ("AD") feedstock for renewable energy production. For over a year at the Company's grease trap service hub in Toronto, ORMI has operated the first North American installation of the BioSeparator and confirmed its performance and reliability.

The DODA BioSeparator's large throughput capability, combined with its ability to efficiently separate and remove virtually all types of inorganic contaminants, makes it ideally suited for use in waste and recycling transfer stations as well as large food-waste generators such as airports, hospitals and food-courts. In addition to its Toronto BioSeparator installation, ORMI will use the DODA BioSeparator technology in its first combined Solid and Liquid transfer station to be located at Woodstock Ontario. ORMI is also currently evaluating options regarding an additional BioSeparator installation in the greater Toronto area to process food waste. 

"We are extremely pleased to collaborate with a company as experienced as DODA and their best of class equipment," said Charles Buehler, CEO of ORMI. "We believe the combination of the BioSeparator technology, with our ability to collect and blend high-energy AD feedstock, will change the way waste industry perceives and treats organic waste. We also believe this agreement provides our company with an excellent platform for growth," continued Mr. Buehler "and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with DODA-USA and DODA."

"We are very excited about our alliance with ORMI, who we consider to be uniquely qualified with the experience and commitment to help us expand our North American market opportunities," said Richard Miller, VP and General Manager of DODA-USA. "ORMI has dedicated many years to developing their best of class service systems and practical knowledge regarding managing organic residuals and this, combined with DODA's 40 years of experience in developing best of class equipment and engineering expertise, forms a powerful systems solution."

About Organic Resource Management Inc.

Organic Resource Management is Canada's largest provider of vacuum truck services for the collection, processing and recycling of food-related organic residuals. ORMI services in excess of 10,000 regularly-scheduled grease traps for industrial, commercial and institutional customers across Canada. Further information about ORMI may be obtained at the Company's web site at

About DODA-USA Inc.

DODA USA Inc. is based in St. James, Minnesota. Richard Miller, DODA-USA's Vice President, has over thirty years of manure management experience and has imported DODA® equipment for over twenty-five years. Manure is an extremely abrasive and unforgiving slurry to pump and process. Manure slurry management is the ideal background experience from which to develop robust material management technologies for the equally harsh urban organic residuals recycling industry. The DODA equipment excels in this harsh manure market, and the DODA BioSeparator line is an application of that experience. Further information about DODA USA Inc. may be obtained at the company's web site at

About DODA® Construzione Macchine Agricole di DODA Aldo e C, snc.

Based in Buscoldo, Italy, DODA® Construzione Macchine Agricole di DODA Aldo e C. snc has a proven track record for producing the most technologically advanced and economically favourable solutions for pumping and solids separation equipment for the manure and anaerobic digester industries. Constant research and the continuous development of the various details are the fundamental bases that have made DODA the leader of its sector. Further information about DODA may be obtained at the company's web site at

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