January 21, 2010 09:00 ET

ORSYP Named a Value Leader in 2010 EMA Radar Report on Workload Automation

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Awards ORSYP the "Most Scalable Architecture" Designation in 2010 Report

PARIS--(Marketwire - January 21, 2010) - ORSYP

News Facts:

-- ORSYP -- worldwide provider of IT Operations Management solutions and services -- today announced that it has finished amongst the top vendors in EMA's Q1 2010 Workload Automation report. ORSYP was named a "Value Leader" for its workload automations solutions and was also recognized for its scalable architecture in the "Exceptional Characteristics" area of the report.

-- EMA's report evaluated 13 industry-leading Workload Automation (WLA) products for enterprises on the following criteria: cross-platform job scheduling, ITSM integration, resource optimization, business integration and predictive analytics. The report identifies strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, and highlights their key characteristics to demonstrate how they match up against one another.

-- The EMA report highlights the strengths of ORSYP in the following areas:

- Architecture and Integration -- "ORSYP implements numerous functions that give administrators an unblemished sense of centralization. The architecture is lightweight, highly resilient, immensely scalable, and easy to manage."

- Deployment and Administration -- "ORSYP'S Dollar Universe™ achieved the highest score in Deployment and Administration in large part due to its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture. By eliminating the requirement for a master server, Dollar Universe greatly reduces the complexity of the implementation project."

- Cost Advantage -- "ORSYP also achieved a very high score in this category and, once again, this feat is due to its architecture. By reducing hardware acquisition and eliminating master scheduling licenses, ORSYP keeps deployment costs low."

- Functionality -- "Dollar Universe's Batch Queue Management delivers load-balancing via logical and physical server pools. The two main interfaces address administrative and business roles. There is an additional Java interface for remote access."

-- According to the report, ORSYP also stands out in job discovery through its use of UniJob® and interfaces with an extensive array of BSM frameworks. ORSYP's recent acquisition of Sysload also strengthens its Workload Management capabilities.

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Download the full report on the EMA site here.

Supporting Quotes:

--  "We have spent a great deal of time reviewing all of the product
    offerings of the vendors in this report, including how they are priced,
    implemented, operated and supported," said Andi Mann, Vice President of
    Research for EMA.  "Through our extensive research it became clear that
    ORSYP's unique characteristics, including its elegant yet very simple
    architecture, make it a smart technology strategy for any company looking
    to optimize its IT environment by automating its workload support
--  "To be recognized by EMA as the leader in scalable architecture is
    particularly important as it positions our solutions as being the best for
    solving the automation and performance issues facing enterprises as they
    extend and enhance their IT environments with the latest technologies
    including virtualization, SaaS, cloud computing and mobile," said Mark
    Fletcher, Chief Marketing Officer for ORSYP. "We view EMA's report as an
    endorsement of our workload automation solutions and the flexibility they
    provide to grow with customers' performance management needs. We have
    consistently advanced our product architecture and continue to see year-
    over-year growth with new customers who need to support this growth without
    the challenge of heavily increasing software costs. Our architecture and
    flexible pricing model provide a clear advantage for our customers and it
    is an honor to be recognized for that by EMA."

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