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April 28, 2016 03:00 ET

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Announces Availability of ORTHO™ Sera Extended Phenotype Testing on ORTHO VISION® Analyzer for BioVue® Cassettes

Fully Automated, the Extended Phenotyping Solution Delivers Enhanced Safety and Drives Greater Value and Efficiency

RARITAN, NJ--(Marketwired - Apr 28, 2016) - Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Ortho), a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, today announced that ORTHO™ Sera, a fully automated solution for extended antigen phenotyping, is now available on the ORTHO VISION® Analyzer. ORTHO™ Sera expands the testing menu on the ORTHO VISION®, allowing virtually all testing to be done on one platform, driving greater value and efficiency for customers and delivering results in a maximum of 20 minutes. It will be commercially available in Europe and Japan.

ORTHO™ Sera extended phenotype testing covers more than 99 percent of the most commonly tested blood group antigens, providing support for patients with unexpected antibodies. With end-to-end full automation on the ORTHO VISION® Analyzer platform, ORTHO™ Sera minimizes the potential for human error, which can improve safety and provides consistent, reliable results. ORTHO™ Sera has been developed to use ORTHO BioVue® System Column Agglutination Technology, eliminating the need to purchase additional cassettes.

"With the launch of ORTHO™ Sera for the ORTHO VISION® Analyzer, laboratory professionals can improve workflow and ease-of-use through fully automated extended antigen typing," said Robert Yates, chief operating officer, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. "This expansion of our comprehensive ORTHO VISION® menu helps laboratories streamline operations and resources due to fewer training requirements, less manual interaction and by utilizing the same cassettes that technicians already use with the instrument."

ORTHO™ Sera enables customized, flexible profile testing through an antisera additive approach. This allows extended phenotyping to be personalized according to patient needs, which reduces waste and enhances efficiency. Decreased hands-on manipulation of tests helps to eliminate time consuming non-value added activities and potential for error.

"Having an integrated portfolio of products with standardized operating procedures is increasingly important for transfusion medicine laboratories," said Heidi Casaletto, head of transfusion medicine at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. "As pressure mounts to produce results on a shorter timeline and with fewer resources, our complete automated laboratory solution will give results that technicians can be confident in while reducing the potential impact to patient safety."

The 13 ORTHO™ Sera reagents available on the ORTHO VISION® Analyzer platform include Anti-Fya, Anti-Fyb, Anti-Jka, Anti-Jkb, Anti-S, Anti-s, Anti-K, Anti-D (IAT), Anti-D (DVI), Anti-P1, Anti-Lea, Anti-Leb and Anti-M. ORTHO™ Sera manual testing was previously available on ORTHO® Workstation.

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