February 27, 2007 09:30 ET

Oscars in HDTV: Gore's Fat; Travolta's Bald; and J Lo Is Eye-Popping!

Swanni of Serves Up His Annual Look at How the Stars Looked in Crystal-Clear High-Definition TV.

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 -- Did you watch the Oscars in High-Definition TV?

Well, you didn't really watch them until you read:

Swanni's HDTV 'Best & Worst' at the Oscars!

Yes, every year, Phillip Swann, president of, aka Swanni, offers his observations on how the stars fared through the unforgiving lens of HDTV. The HD picture is so clear -- so lifelike -- that you can see every facial imperfection, every wrinkle and every tug of the plastic surgeon's knife.

As a result, many TV celebrities look worse (or better) in HDTV than you might think.

For instance, here's Swanni's take on some of Sunday night's Oscar presenters and performers.

John Travolta

Swanni: "In HD, you could see where his toupee begins and ends. (I'm not kidding.) Come on, John, real hair doesn't look like that -- and in high-def -- it's sooooo obvious. Travolta will star later this year in a movie called 'Hairspray.' 'Hairspray,' right. Talk about your Pulp Fiction."

Jennifer Lopez

Swanni: "In high-def, J Lo showed last night that she has more than a booty. In fact, in that sheer white dress, I'm surprised she didn't get a traffic ticket for excessive use of high beams."

Al Gore

Swanni: "Gore snagged an Oscar for his global warming doc, 'An Inconvenient Truth.' But here's an inconvenient truth, Al. You're fat! I heard MSNBC's Tucker Carlson say yesterday that the Oscar has made Gore larger than life. But he's actually become larger than his suit! I heard another pundit say Gore doesn't have the stomach for another run for the White House. Hell, he's got enough stomach for three runs!"

Celine Dion

Swanni: "Celine is so skinny that she's a human coat rack! The Canadian songstress warbled a tribute song to the musical composer for 'The Untouchables.' But I think 'The Untouchables' is what Celine calls food products."

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