March 07, 2007 09:00 ET

OSS Nokalva Announces Fast Infoset Interoperability

SOMERSET, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2007 -- OSS Nokalva, Inc., a leading developer of standards-based software toolkits for building data communications applications, announced today the interoperability of the OSS Fast Infoset (FI) Tools with those of Liquid Technologies Ltd., Noemax Technologies Ltd., Sun Microsystems Inc., and TMax Soft Inc. OSS Nokalva, Liquid Technologies, Noemax Technologies, and TMax Soft, have been active participants in the Fast Infoset Interoperability Project hosted at Sun's

Having an XML Schema has been critical in the XML performance battle... until now. The OSS Fast Infoset Tools deliver standards-based, fast, compact XML, even without an XML schema. Fast Infoset (FI) is an open international standard developed to address XML performance issues without sacrificing interoperability. The standard optimizes XML by specifying a standardized representation for the W3C XML Information Set. Fast Infoset encodings provide smaller encoding sizes and faster processing times than other standards-based XML representations.

With interoperable implementations already available on several platforms such as Microsoft .NET and .NET CF, Sun GlassFish, BEA WebLogic, IBM SDK for Java v6 Early Release, TMax Soft JEUS 6, as well as Linux, Solaris, and Win32, Fast Infoset offers a standards-based, reliable alternative to XML that can be widely deployed today.

The OSS Fast Infoset Tools offer significant performance improvements without requiring any XML Schema. Testing of the OSS FI Tools shows that Fast Infoset results in messages averaging 3 times smaller and processing speeds averaging 5 times faster than working with traditional XML. For many resource-limited and/or bandwidth-constrained environments, this optimization is key to being able to deploy XML.

Our Tools enable you to represent and transmit your SOAP, REST, or other XML-based communications more efficiently by utilizing Fast Infoset encodings. Runtime API functions create and process Fast Infoset documents and convert between traditional XML and optimized Fast Infoset representations of XML documents. Use our SAX-like decoder to parse Fast Infoset encodings as if your traditional SAX parser were reading the XML document corresponding to the Fast Infoset data.

Experience optimized size and performance. Our Tools improve the performance of serializing and deserializing XML, allowing XML to be stored more efficiently than traditional XML documents -- all without any loss of information. At the same time, OSS FI Tools deliver compression superior to utilities such as gzip, which optimizes only size.

The OSS FI C/C++ Tools are available for Win32, Linux, Solaris, and a variety of embedded platforms. The Tools include complete documentation, online help, and 24 x 7 real time support. 30-day evaluations are available. For more information, including purchasing and pricing details, please visit, or contact our Sales department at +1-888-677-2761 (Toll free USA and Canada), + 1-732-302-0750 (International), or email

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OSS Nokalva, Inc., a privately held company in Somerset, New Jersey, USA, develops standards-based ASN.1, XML, and Biometrics software toolkits, and provides consulting services to support software developers. OSS Nokalva has been instrumental in shaping and developing both standards and technologies. For more information, visit, contact our sales department at +1-888-677-2761 (Toll free USA and Canada), +1-732-302-0750 (International), or email

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