November 28, 2005 09:00 ET

OSS Nokalva Announces Fast Web Services Tools

SOMERSET, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 28, 2005 -- OSS Nokalva, Inc., a leading developer of standards based software solutions for building data communications applications, announced today the availability of the OSS Fast Web Services Tools for C/C++.

"Our exciting new Fast Web Services (FWS) toolkit offers developers a high performance alternative to traditional Web Services. The OSS FWS Tools are ideal for those who use Web Services in resource and/or bandwidth constrained environments," commented Rajul Gupta, Director of Development at OSS Nokalva. "Our FWS Tools, which create and process highly efficient binary (PER-encoded) SOAP messages, are conformant to the W3C WSDL, SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, WS-1 Basic Profile 1.0, and ITU-T X.892 | ISO/IEC 24824-2 Fast Web Services recommendations."

The OSS FWS Tools consist of three main components: an OSS FWS Compiler, an OSS FWS Runtime, and an optional OSS FWS Transport Layer Runtime (coming soon).

-- The OSS FWS Compiler takes a WSDL 1.1 service description as input,
   and generates a header and control tables files.

-- The OSS FWS Runtime library is a collection of functions for use in
   writing efficient Web Services applications in C and C++.

-- The Transport Layer Runtime can be used to send/receive SOAP messages.

Our performance testing reveals that FAST Web Services built with the OSS FWS Tools are significantly faster than XML Web Services built with .NET and gSOAP frameworks. In addition to providing a high performance alternative to traditional Web Services, the OSS FWS Tools support traditional XML SOAP messages, ensuring your ability to exchange SOAP messages with XML-based peers.

The OSS FWS Tools for C/C++, available now, include complete documentation, online help, and 24 x 7 real time support. 30-day evaluations are available. For more information, including purchasing and pricing details, please visit, or contact our Sales department at +1-888-OSS-ASN1 (Toll free USA and Canada), + 1-732-302-0750 (International), or email

About OSS Nokalva:

OSS Nokalva, Inc., a privately held company in Somerset, New Jersey, USA develops standards-based ASN.1, XML, and Biometrics software solutions, and provides consulting services to support software developers. OSS Nokalva has been instrumental in shaping and developing both standards and technologies. For more information, visit, contact our Sales department at +1-888-OSS-ASN1 (Toll free USA and Canada), +1-732-302-0750 (International), or email

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